About Vigilant News

Vigilant News prides itself on being the paramount platform for citizen journalists and dissenting voices. In an era where information is ubiquitous but authenticity is often scarce, we strive to encourage critical thinking and rigorous skepticism.

Our guiding philosophy is predicated on the principle of questioning everything and advocating for transparency. We believe that government narratives should never be taken at face value without a thorough examination of the evidence.

Our ethos finds its roots in the work of our Editor-in-Chief, The Vigilant Fox, whose dedication to truth-telling has made a major dent in the COVID propaganda campaign. At Vigilant News, we endeavor to bring you the news as it should be - free from narrow corporate and government narratives.

In a world where mainstream narratives often overshadow the truth, you can rely on Vigilant News to be your go-to source for critical analysis, as we aspire to unmask the world as it is, not as it is projected through the lens of controlled corporate messaging.

Stay Vigilant. Stay updated.

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