To avoid accountability at all costs, the people in power need to retain power — even if it takes drastic measures.
Between rising food prices, drought-driven shortages, and an obsessive effort by governments to eliminate real meat from our diets, beef is poised to be extremely valuable.
How many serious adverse events are we causing per million doses?
For the first time, a former U.S. president and a leading presidential candidate is set to face the judiciary not for mere political infractions, but on charges that carry weighty implications.
Dallas Ludlum
Top Doctor Explains Why “Turbo Cancer” Rates Are Likely to Get Even Worse
Is it time to reconsider the presence of such deeply entrenched political actors in our system?
Dallas Ludlum
Public Square alleges itself as a “values-aligned” marketplace. Just don’t look under the hood.
Elon Musk is widely hailed as a genius, a disruptor, and sometimes, a misfit. However, several of his promises to uphold Twitter (now X) as a ‘“free speech” platform have fallen through.
“In practice, the system is woefully inadequate, much too complicated, and is failing.”
"We won’t be talking about this for the next ten years. We’ll be talking about this for the next two centuries."
COVID-19 was premeditated and a "biological weapon of genocide," according to Dr. David Martin. He spoke about this at the European Parliament, in a viral video that received tens of millions of views on social media.
Mandates are now becoming a thing of the past, thanks to brave freedom fighters who had the courage to say NO.