September 17, 2023

A tribute to the World Council for Health

Continuing to align actions with intentions

This is long overdue. I have had the pleasure to be invited to both World Council for Health (WCH) conferences in Bath and the enormous pleasure of being able to attend in person earlier this year.

I want to say a big thank you for the lovely award granted to me, and for all the action taken by the WCH since this COVID debacle started .

I have written an article about aligning intentions with actions in order to assess who is professional to use this as a measuring stick to assess who’s ‘a good guy’. More than one person personally wrote to me to ask if I think they are ‘professional’ so I thank you all for caring about what I think. I appreciate it.

In the spirit of what I wrote I think that the WCH’s intentions are very clear and have been from the start. In fact they write their intentions in their mission statement:

…to broaden public health knowledge and sense-making through science and shared wisdom…

…to safeguard human rights and free will

…to empower people to take control of their health and wellbeing

Their intentions align perfectly with their actions. They act on these intentions by physically bringing hundreds of people (even thousands) together. Experts in scientific fields, lawyers, doctors, leaders, civilians, politicians, you name it - they are called to coalesce to fight censorship, isolation and ignorance by speaking to audiences or real people who want answers to valid and real questions, and perhaps even help to know how to deal with so much fraud, isolation and corruption so evident now in our societies.

They have produced an incredible booklet referenced by Peter McCullough in this amazing testimony provided to the EU in France recently. You can watch that here. Plug for Peter.

The booklet is here. Click photo below for pdf.

They produced a spike detox guide. Click on photo for pdf.

They produced an early treatment guide. Clinky doodle photo.

And very importantly, a policy guide “Rejecting Monopoly Power Over Global Public Health, On the proposed IHR (2005) amendments and WHO pandemic treaty”. You know what to do.

Perhaps the most important point made here is concerning the so-called ‘one health ’. When you see these words, run. I mean, as in, scoff and walk away and tell everyone that it’s schlock. As the WCH write:

The One Health approach – a relatively new term – is rooted in older concepts that recognize a close link between the health of humans, animals and ecosystems. Under the One Health approach, expertise in these fields is being integrated. The well-being of humans, animals and ecosystems is closely interlinked. However, a variety of organizations such as the WHO are trying to misappropriate this understanding for their own political ends.

Beware this private organization who called themselves a ‘world’ ‘health’ ‘organization’. If you are a leader, aim to exit the WHO. They are self-interested, privately funded by people with ulterior motives - some entirely unqualified to speak about medicine and health matters - and these interests do not align with the interests of sovereign beings and nations.

So hat’s off to the WCH! These dear people that I love - health and well being and power to you all. Here’s to you: Mark, Christof, Emma, Shabnam and the indomitable Tess, I love you all.

And Rev Dr Wai-Ching Lee has joined the group. I simply adore this woman. She is so much fun and incredibly energetic and fun.

Let’s keep bringing light to dark places together.

…By the way, the National Citizens Inquiry Commissioners Report concluded recently (September 14, 2023) that the COVID-19 injections are neither safe nor effective. You can watch the press conference here . This is big news. Share this news far and wide!!

The conclusion of the interim report by the independent commissioners for the National Citizen’s Inquiry is that the COVID-19 products known as vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

A gift to the WCH. :)

Originally-published article

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