September 16, 2023

Are 'they' trying to kill us?

Response to a call...

The other day, I had one of those Zoom meetings with a group of people - basically just to catch up - and it turned out to be a really interesting meeting for many reasons. I think our little group represents many, if not all, people scattered around the globe and so I thought it might be important to share some of the questions that popped up and some of the answers or ideas shared.

First of all, I would like to reiterate my sentiments concerning just how very confused I believe everybody is at this point in time. This is by design, in my opinion. Confused about what happened in the past 3 years. Confused about whether or not a zoonotic pathogen called SARS-CoV-2 ever circulated the globe. Confused about this pathogen being constructed by the hands of man. Confused about the validity of the so-called ‘PCR tests’. Confused about whether or not a cabal is trying to eliminate people deemed not worthy to be alive. Confused about how to proceed in this life; having lost businesses, loved ones, the ability to walk, the will to live, among other things.

Even though I still have no solid answer to some of the questions, in my own mind, I do know two things:

People’s lives have been destroyed/taken because of the measures taken to counter something the ‘leaders’ referred to as a zoonotic pathogen.

People continue to suffer because of their treacherous, ongoing and deliberate acts.

I want to go over some the evidences for and against some of the topics above, if I may. By the way, I think that even if you believe that the cabal is trying to kill you, it’s important to go ahead and fully accept that, but then take one step further past acceptance into, ‘bring it on’ territory.

Above all things, it is vital not to despair.

The past 3 years have brought things to all of our lives that none of us have seen before. Some of our elders have surely seen the signs of rising dictatorships scattered around the globe, but global lock ups and persecution of healthy people has no precedent. So why did they do this?

They claim they needed to do it to ‘keep us safe from a deadly pathogen’. They claim there was an emergency.

Fact: There was no pathogen that was deadly to all demographics. This was a manufactured and propagated lie. We knew this early on, as well. Children and people with functioning immune systems were fine. Bit of Vitamin D and some NAC, and off you go. In the infirm and elders, focused care should have been the protocol. Like always, the threat of secondary infections like bacterial pneumonia are always present in the infirm - especially in hospital settings when there is viral pathogen involvement, such as is the case with influenza.

So why did they lie? And why did so many people blindly believe the lie to the point where health care workers and home care workers just left their patients alone to die in many cases?

Answer: Fear of catching ‘the deadly pathogen’. Instilled and distilled like a fine wine of delusion.

Answer: To get the injections into every arm.

Does a pathogen named SARS-CoV-2 exist?

Unless the Genbank is completely farcical (and it might be), something named SARS-CoV-2 (aka: Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 isolate Wuhan-Hu-1 ) certainly did exist.

Was this pathogen constructed by the hands of man?

I think it was. There’s the Moderna patent thing linked to Bancel and the MSH3 homology thing , the furin cleavage site thing and the “PRRARSV” motif thing , the cutting site thing , and the fact that we already knew that they were doing this kind of frakenwork using coronaviruses. Why wouldn’t they have been playing with newly-made spike studded coronaviruses under the guise of trying to make a new awesome vaccine against it to ‘protect the people’.

I have to ask, do these people ever think - like actually think - about the idiocy behind what must be their own thought processes? We have to make a deadly weapon because we heard they were making a deadly weapon and we have to defend ourselves against their deadly weapon by making our own deadly weapon.

The PCR ‘tests’. Don’t get me started. Forget the fact that that PCR is simply an amplification technique, forget the fact that it is not, and never was, designed as a diagnostic tool, forget the fact that the primers they are using might not be sufficient, and forget the fact that they ordered cts of 45 cycles, if the PCR ‘test’ concept had not been incepted and forced on everyone, the concept of a ‘COVID case’ and ‘COVID death’ would not have been possible.

Everyone would have done what they always do and all would have been fine. Doctors would have doctored, nurses would have nursed, and with proper off-label drug use and conventional antibiotic prescribing and care, the world would have kept spinning as it always did. What bugs me the most about this is that our elders would not have been abandoned and treated like they had the literal plague, and many who died miserable deaths - alone, wouldn’t have.

Is the ‘cabal’ trying to kill everyone and reduce our numbers to 500,000,000?

I don’t think so. I think it would serve the bankers better if we were perpetually sick, rather than dead. You can’t enslave and exploit a dead person, after all. Take note of the fact that these shots are inducing autoimmunity and dysfunction in our immune systems.

How should we all proceed then, in the wake of so much loss and lingering sadness and desperation? I mean, it’s almost impossible to afford to live in Canada now, even if you have a good job. Rent and the cost of food has exploded. This all fits nicely into the idea that people will eventually be forced into accepting government handouts. Good for government sanctioned serfdom - bad for people. Those government handouts will probably include a hit of heroin and a leaflet on how to MAID yourself. If you’re in Canada anyway.

MAID in Canada. Now that’s some dark-ass humor.

I say we proceed by using cash, refusing to have our earnings stolen under the guise of necessities for city infrastructure, saying a solid ‘NO’ to any attempt at an imposition on our physical movement, jobs or personal health choices.

People’s lives have been destroyed because of the measures taken to counter something the ‘leaders’ referred to as a zoonotic pathogen.

They lied. And people died. People continue to suffer. And justice needs to be served up hot and covered in thick coconut curry sauce.

Speak out. Share your stories of injection injury and loss with whomever will listen. You matter. Your personal story is important. Do not let them censor you.

We the people have the power. Do not forget this. Take it back. ‘Their’ (the bankers) control over you is an illusion. Learn to say no, and mean it.

That’s what I would do. I love you guys, by the way. I don’t say it enough.

Originally-published article

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