August 21, 2023

BLOOD CLOTS - in the legs, lungs and hearts of young people (COVID-19 vaccinated) - Grammy winner Tori Kelly, NFL Cleveland Browns Marquise Goodwin - 25 new cases examined - it's an epidemic!

July 23, 2023 - 30 year old Grammy winning singer Tori Kelly collapsed at a dinner with friends, and was diagnosed with blood clots near vital organs!

Written by Dr. William Makis

July 23, 2023 - 30 year old Grammy winning singer Tori Kelly collapsed at a dinner with friends, and was diagnosed with blood clots near vital organs!
Aug.19, 2023 - Ryan Crouser wins shot put World Title with blood clots in his leg
Aug.17, 2023 - 24 year old Austin Phyfe, basketball player Northern Iowa Panthers forward, missed all of the 2022-2023 season recovering from “blood clots in his lungs and legs”. He just announced his “medical retirement” from basketball.
Aug.16, 2023 - Lexington, SC - Victoria Hoult developed blood clots in her lungs, one of which collapsed her lung
Aug.14, 2023 - Hinckley, UK - Gemma Brookes developed a pulmonary embolism, after having many adverse events to AstraZeneca vaccines
Aug.13, 2023 - Hawaii - Dia Sol has an acquaintance, Linda, who had over 40 clots removed in a recent surgery.
Aug.11, 2023 - 59 year old Tim had blood clots in his heart 4 weeks after his last Pfizer vaccine
Aug.3, 2023 - Cleveland, OH - Rick Bub works at the Cleveland Clinic as a Patient Transportation Work Leader. He developed a pulmonary embolism
Aug.2, 2023 - Kernersville, NC - Tara Toney Tomlinson is an ICU nurse who believes she got pulmonary emboli after a recent bout with COVID-19
July 30, 2023 - Steve Buchanan’s wife died unexpectedly on an airplane, because of a blood clot in her lungs
July 30, 2023 - Summerville, SC - Ashley Thompson developed blood clots in the left leg and then more clots in her lungs. She had an IVC filter put in, in the hopes of stopping more clots traveling to her lungs and heart. She is having many complications.
July 29, 2023 - Wolverhampton, UK - Paul Bell developed massive blood clots in his lungs, heart, brain
July 28, 2023 - UK - Steve Nicholson developed blood clots in his legs
July 28, 2023 - Mendon, IL - 50 year old Craig Daugherty, a correctional officer at Western Illinois Correctional Center, died unexpectedly AT WORK from a blood clot
July 21, 2023 - NFL Cleveland Browns Player WR Marquise Goodwin will miss start of training camp with blood clots in his legs and lungs.
July 23, 2023 - Moscow, ID - 25 year old Vanessa Lopez had bronchitis or COVID and then developed blood clots in her lungs
July 15, 2023 - Nottingham, UK - Charlotte Hukin who works in the civil service, had shortness of breath and was diagnosed with multiple blood clots in both lungs.
July 9, 2023 - Ackworth, GA - Ashley Langill’s family member “Ally” was 23 years old when she died suddenly. “The coroner is 98% positive that she had a blood clot that traveled to her heart and caused an embolism”
July 4, 2023 - Victoria, BC - Alyssa Hulbert (a sterile processing technician at Island Health) collapsed in her home on June 26th, 2023, due to a pulmonary embolism that caused her to go into cardiac arrest. Due to lack of oxygen to her brain, she died on July 4.
July 4, 2023 - El Dorado, IL - Ashley Foster is a full time nursing assistant and an LPN nursing student. She was diagnosed with “Phlegmasia Cerulia Dolens” characterized by severe blood clots in the legs and now had clots in the lungs (pulmonary embolism)
Jun.14, 2023 - Melbourne, FL - Tonya Ingle is suffering from blood clots and a cluster of other symptoms (most likely COVID-19 vaccine related) like brain fog, heart issues and severe fatigue. The treatments for her clots are NOT WORKING
May 10, 2023 - Iola, KS - 31 year old Tarin Guerrero died suddenly from “massive blood clots in her lungs and what they thought to be a tumor on the lower part of her lung”
Dec.21, 2022 - Hilton, NY - 44 year old Jo Lynn Rossman was a registered nurse at Strong Memorial Hospital. She had been struggling to breathe for a week and in the ER they discovered she had “massive blood clots through her pulmonary arteries into every branch/lobe”
Nov.8, 2022 - UK Actress, 30 year old Emily Chesterton, had blood clots in her legs, went to see a doctor and was told by a physician associate she had anxiety. She died of pulmonary embolism a week later.
April 1, 2022 - Youtuber iJustine, 38 year old Justine Ezarik, had a blood clot in her shoulder which traveled to her lung

My Take…

I have written several substack articles already on blood clots in young people but it is happening more and more frequently now.

I believe clotting is both a short term and long term adverse effect of COVID-19 vaccines.

These clotting problems in the COVID-19 vaccinated are unusually complex - usually involve multiple locations (legs and lungs), and are resistant to medical therapy, requiring surgical removal.

And while Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Crouser can win the shot put World Title with blood clots in his legs, for most people in some kind of athletics, these mRNA vaccine blood clots are a career ender.

As you can see from many of the cases I have presented here, these COVID-19 vaccine induced clotting problems are often fatal, and therefore CANNOT be underestimated.

NATTOKINASE, an enzyme isolated in Japan and derived from fermented soybeans, has been shown to break down mRNA vaccine spike protein and blood clots in the COVID-19 vaccinated.

This important nutraceutical is saving thousands of mRNA vaccinated lives.

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