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Demand for ‘Unvaxxed’ Sperm Spikes as Birth Rates Continue To Decline, UK Daily Mail Reports

Women are turning to shady Facebook groups in desperation



Believe it or not, this was in today’s news:

The Daily Mail article is not, strictly speaking, well-researched. It seems to amplify a particular character named “Jonathan Rinaldi,” who dubbed himself “the Sperminator.” Mr. Rinaldi looks the part, gesturing here with his right hand:

This “sperminator” has a Facebook group and is doing very well financially. Daily Mail found numerous instances of people searching for “unvaccinated sperm.”

Health experts weigh in here and explain that the potential recipients’ concerns are invalid:

‘There is absolutely no reason to be worried about fertility with the Covid-19 vaccine,’ said Dr Lanny Wilson, chair of obstetrics and gynecology at Avalon University School of Medicine in Youngstown, Ohio , emphasizing that vaccines ‘do not cause infertility and they do not affect fertility one way or the other.’ 

Whether their concerns are valid or not, or were previously valid when Covid vaccines were actively administered, is, of course, a very important question.

Birth Rates Let me express my personal hope that, even if Covid vaccines possibly affected fertility when they were given out en masse, their effect would wear off over time – and we will be left with a purely theoretical exercise of figuring out what happened to birth rates in 2022, which we discussed on this blog.

With that in mind, let’s review the latest birth news:

News from Sweden is not encouraging: the birth rate continues to fall. For example, August births for 2021, 2022, and 2023 are falling year after year at a very unusual clip of about 7% per year:

The reports from Germany’s DeStatis are also very discouraging, including further drops in 2023:

There could, of course, be other explanations of the above phenomena, which DeStatis offers, and I recommend reading their report. I hope and pray that they are right and that no man or woman was permanently damaged.

What do you think? Are the concerns of sperm recipients completely invalid?


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