September 13, 2023

George Webb’s Biden Brotherhood

Auks Squaks - Joe Biden Auks Blackberry Address Will Prove His Downfall.

With Hillary going to the White House yesterday to visit Jill Biden, it seems Hillary is reminding Jill and Joe that all the State Department Blackberrys were not destroyed with a hammer - including Joe’s Blackberry and Hunter’s Blackberry.

So I thought I would revisit my 2020 book about the Biden Blackberrys , Biden Brotherhood, and just how the State Department Blackberrys ended up in the hands of Hunter in places like China, Kazakhstan, Romania and Monaco in the first place.

Here is a reprint from that book in 2020 after Tony Bobulinski produce the Biden BlackBerrys at the Presidential second debate, removing all doubt, for all time that the Bidens used the encrypted BlackBerrys for all their covert communications. Finally, the main stream media is covering the story after I broke the Biden’s Blackberry story in May 2017.

So here is the Biden Brotherhood that I wrote in 2020. I have provided updates in italics along the way. Enjoy.

Any doubt of my 2017 reporting about the Biden family encrypted Blackberrys used for covert communications was completely removed by ex-navy intelligence Officer Tony Bobulinski at the second presidential debates in 2020.

Apco was one of the CIA front organizations used by the Bidens to do transactions on the behalf of Burisma and the China general nuclear group - CGN.

The reference to Kolo is referring to Igor Kolomoisky, who brokers uranium and bioagents to China and other nations that want to kick start their nuclear or bioagents weapons programs on the basis of kicking back cash to the Democratic national committee (DNC).

I will note here that I sue the DNC for the records to these Biden blackberries which included other recipients like Anthony Weiner Huma Aberdeen, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and a whole slew of DNC insiders. Today in September 2023, the Biden White House is still full of all of the Hillary State department holdovers from the overthrows in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine with Victoria Nuland and Tony Blinken, just being two of the cast of characters.

I honestly thinkthat I conducted the most extensive search possible for all of the meta-data leading to the US State department, Hillary Clinton BlackBerrys with all of the recipients in the encrypted Blackberry network on Capitol Hill.

Now Whistleblower Devon Archer is coming forward as predicted with Bevan Cooney waiting in the wings, to topple Joe Biden and blame Libya, Syria and Ukraine on the Bidens instead of where the blame belongs, with Hillary Clinton.

On the subject of my May 2017 reporting, and the books I wrote on that subject, that were dismissed as conspiracy theory are now the regular news fare every evening on outlets like Breibart and Fox News. Fox anchors conduct breathless retellings of how Hunter and Joe used encrypted Blackberry’s to conduct their covert business with China.

I reported on many of these topics so long ago that I forgot the details till I went to my archives. I’m at the limit that I can send an email, but I will reproduce the rest of the Biden Brotherhood here so check back after you receive this email.

I’m at the limit that I can send an email, but I will reproduce the rest of the Biden brotherhood here so check back after you receive this email

Thank you for all of your support and supporting citizen journalism.

Originally-published article

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