August 23, 2023

Jesse Watters Exposes Embarrassing COVID Stats That The Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About

“Real data is the enemy of politicians seeking total control. The less you know, the easier you are to subjugate.”

Last year, President Biden announced that COVID was over, or at least he declared we were on a promising path to defeating the virus. Despite the sense of optimism, the media seems to be prepping for a COVID “comeback tour.” Yes, you heard that right—COVID is reemerging as a major threat this fall, according to news outlets and the Biden administration. But how much of this should we take at face value?

First, let’s scrutinize the facts and numbers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), COVID cases have increased four weeks in a row. But hold on. What the mainstream media, like NBC News, isn’t telling you is that COVID-19 follows seasonal and regional patterns.

“NBC News is deceiving you,” rebuked Jesse Watters, “by denying you the real reason there’s a tiny uptick in cases. COVID follows seasonal and regional patterns. Every year, there [are] three waves. One starts in New England in the spring, the second travels north from Mexico in the summer, and the third wave travels in all directions from the Dakotas in the fall.”

“There are more people hospitalized for falling down than are hospitalized for COVID right now,” Watters refuted. “Six thousand more people are in the hospital because they tripped and fell than got COVID. NBC News isn’t telling everybody to start buying walkers and canes. But real data is the enemy of politicians seeking total control. The less you know, the easier you are to subjugate.”

And as if things weren’t getting ridiculous enough, a college in Atlanta is requiring its students to wear masks this semester, even though not a single case of COVID has been reported on campus. We’re talking about healthy 18-year-olds, who will be masked in class and then socializing freely outside the academic setting. Then we have Lionsgate, a major Hollywood studio, insisting that all its employees wear N95 masks. “In Los Angeles, you have a better chance of catching a bullet than a deadly strain of COVID,” Watters quipped.

Despite the COVID nothingburger, “experts” are ramping up the fear machine over new, mutated strains of COVID.

Recently, the CDC announced a highly mutated variant surfacing in Michigan. CBS invited Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who happens to be on the board of Pfizer, to discuss this matter. Coincidence? Or is there a financial motive to inflate the seriousness of this new variant?

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Former FDA Commissioner. Now on the board of Pfizer.

Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax are planning to release new booster shots this fall. CBS, owned by Viacom—a company that profited massively during the pandemic lockdowns—is happily offering free advertising for these pharmaceutical giants.

It’s no secret that pharmaceutical companies are making money off booster shots. Doctors get a cut, too. The only difference now is that instead of Uncle Sam, insurance companies are footing the bill.

“But don’t worry,” Watters sneered, “Biden’s giving pharmaceutical companies over a billion dollars so uninsured Americans can get free shots. Now, we’re beginning to wonder if this year’s mutant variant scare tactic pushed on network TV is less about saving lives and more about lining corporate pockets.”

In a climate where the lines between public health and private profit often blur, Jesse Watters reminds us to scrutinize the narratives being presented — to consider who benefits and who suffers. As Watters highlights, when business interests intermingle with health advisories, the first casualty is often the truth.

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