September 17, 2023

National Citizen's Inquiry Interim report concludes: COVID-19 injections neither safe not effective

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A whole lot of people testified recently as part of the Canadian National Citizen’s Inquiry. From injured Canadian citizens, lawyers, doctors and even yours truly , we all provided evidences that would shock any balanced human being.

And, they did.

The official ruling of the commissioners:

The conclusion of the interim report by the independent commissioners for the National Citizen’s Inquiry is that the COVID-19 products known as vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

Neither safe, nor effective.

This decision from impartial commissioners is one of the first of its kind since this 3 year debacle began. It is well overdue, and perhaps now we can start to give the injured the respect and help and compensation that they deserve for being effectively tricked and coerced into taking an experimental product based on novel transfection technology wrapped in LNPs that have never been demonstrated to be safe for use in humans as a solo entity.

Watch the press conference by clicking on the photo below.

National Citizens Inquiry: Live Press Conference - September 14, 2023 (edited)

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