September 12, 2023

Testimony From CIA Whistleblower Reveals New Claims on COVID-19 Origins

A recent testimony from a whistleblower alleges a potentially grave distortion of the truth about the origins of COVID-19.
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WASHINGTON — A recent testimony from a whistleblower alleges a potentially grave distortion of the truth about the origins of COVID-19. A senior-level CIA officer has stepped forward, claiming that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had tried to sway the findings of an investigation team by offering monetary incentives.

According to the whistleblower's account, out of the seven members assigned to investigate the origins of the virus, six of them had initially concluded that the virus probably emerged from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. However, the whistleblower contends that the CIA offered these six investigators financial incentives to revise their conclusions, leaning towards the theory that the virus had a zoonotic, or natural, origin.

In light of these allegations, Chairman Wenstrup and Chairman Turner are demanding immediate access to all related documents and communication concerning the CIA’s review on COVID-19's origins. They have also called upon the former CIA COO, Andrew Makridis, to participate in a voluntary transcribed interview on September 26, 2023.

The statement from the Chairmen reads: "Based on the whistleblower’s claims, by the end of the CIA’s review, a majority of the team believed that there was enough intelligence and scientific evidence to suggest, with low confidence, that the virus came from a lab in Wuhan. Only one member, the most senior of them all, believed in the zoonotic theory. However, to project an image of uncertainty to the public, it appears that the six other members might have been financially motivated to change their stance."

The letters penned by Chairman Wenstrup and Chairman Turner to both CIA Director William Burns and former CIA COO Andrew Makridis have been made available for public scrutiny.

This development is a significant one amidst the ongoing investigations into the origins of COVID-19. These findings, if proven true, could have far-reaching implications on the credibility of intelligence agencies and the truth about the pandemic's origins.

Further details of the COVID-19 Origins Investigation, including reports and subpoenas, can be found on the Committee's official website.

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