September 18, 2023

Texts: Mark Cuban discriminated against unvaxxed journalists, said he wouldn't do interviews until they took shots and promoted vax on shows

“When you get vaccinated and tell others to do the same I will come on.”

Mark Cuban, the celebrity owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a mainstay on ABC’s (Sponsored by Pfizer) Shark Tank, refused to do interviews with journalists who remained unvaccinated, and attempted to incentivize one to take the shots in exchange for him appearing on their show, new messages reveal.

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Layah Heilpern, a journalist and media presenter, and the host of The Layah Heilpern Show on YouTube , released the information on Monday afternoon via her Telegram account.

The back and forth began on Instagram, when Heilpern reached out to interview Cuban in 2021 on the topic of cryptocurrency, a shared interest of both individuals.

Heilpern, who remains outspoken against the mRNA experimental gene therapy injections, offered to bring Cuban on for a debate on bitcoin and digital tokens.

“When you get vaccinated and tell others to do the same I will come on,” Cuban replied.

Heilpern then offered a different proposal: Cuban could come on her show and make the case for “why I should get vaccinated and tell others to do the same.” Heilpern’s show has a significant audience, with some 449 thousand subscribers as of today.

The Mavericks owner rejected the second appeal, again telling Heilpern, “I won't do it if you are not” vaccinated.

“My choice not to support people who haven't been vaccinated,” Cuban declared, adding, “I know math well enough. I have read enough about the science. I'm confident what the good and [text blocked by screenshot] the vax is.”

During the Covid hysteria times, Cuban infamously hired undercover shoppers to assess compliance with draconian government mandates. He also forced all Mavs employees to take the shots, and required vax passes to go to basketball games.

““It is your choice [to get vaccinated]. It is absolutely, positively up to you. But there’s consequences that come with that, you know?” Cuban said in an interview with Sports Illustrated at the time. “If you work for me, I require my employees to be vaccinated.”

“Like you, I don’t want my kids to be at risk,” he added, falsely advancing the idea that the shots stop transmission of disease.

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