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The Great Gaza Migration

The Braverman Prophecy – Part Four



When Jack Lew was confirmed by the US Senate as the Ambassador to Israel, we knew the twenty years of planning for the removal of a large Palestinians from Gaza City was upon us. I have written about that in the Braverman Prophecy for seven years.

What I did not realize was this might the Removal and The Great Migration of all the Palestinians on the Gaza Strip that was being thrown into motion.

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And this a controlled and channeled migration unlike the 1948 Nakba migration of 700,000 people from the West Bank.

In the 1948 Nakba refugee crisis, Palestinians refugees went in all directions, including Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt. In this great migration, all those borders have been closed off, forcing all Gaza refugees south toward Saudi Arabia.

Manu Washington pundits are now finally, realizing that many of the points we made in the Braverman Prophecy of forced migration are now coming true.

Washington press elites have finally cracked a history book as well, it seems, and they have learned the word “Nakba”. But DC elites are either too lazy or too privileged to do In-depth analysis. DC press corps analysis is stone blind because they have done so little analysis and research on the key actors of Nakba-2, Avi Braverman, Danny Rothschild, and Jack Lew.

it would be like a sportscaster for the 1927 World Series saying, “here comes some guy named Babe. I don’t know who he is. I wonder why they call him Babe. Why he batting fourth? I heard a conspiracy theorist announcer saying that fourth batting position was called the cleanup position. I wonder if his mother thought about that name before she gave it to him.” Of course, this announcer would be laughed out of the ballpark.

But the world is listening to Gaza pundits who have never heard of these two key, critical, movers and shakers. And Avi Braverman and Danny Rothschild are the literal movers and shakers of Gaza.

And the mainstream media doesn’t realize that these hardliners on Gaza, who actually managed Gaza as Ministers of the Israeli-government,are the ones doing the moving and shaking.

But if you followed our series from seven years ago, we said that the architects of the southern route for the Eastman pipeline might connect Middle Eastern oil through Israel and even an alternative Suez Canal. And that is exactly what happened, because our researchers paid attention to the key architects, drawing the lines for the pipelines.

A quick snapshot of videos I in December of 2016 gives you an idea about how long our researchers have been focusing on secret pipelines through Israel, and Marc Rich’s secret deals with Iran and other mega producers of oil, complete with the contrived “gas crisis off 1973″to triple gas prices for Rich. Of course, James Comey dawdled and botched the Marc Rich investigation deliberately to let Rich’s crimes stand and finally the Clinton pardon of Rich.

The removal in the Gaza, along with the Ukraine War to finance the East-MedPipeline, are just two more examples of Marc Rich type oil and gas plays. And the Washington-media treated Marc Rich with kid gloves, just like the DC press can’t seem to say “Gaza Marine One” or any names of the mega gas finds off Gaza Strip. The United Nation relief organization were infiltrated for this purpose with tinyGaza getting it disproportionate share of the UN Relief money.

We looked at key UN relief sites in the middle of Gaza, expecting that to be a new green zone of control by UN peacekeeping troops in a split of Gaza. Now it appears the whole idea of a UN peacekeeping force in a green zone in the Gaza has been shelved entirely in favor of total Palestinian Removal.

United Nations Relief Workers have long been infiltrated with Danny Rothschild operatives. But I must admit,I thought the Gaza would only be split in two. The Gaza situation now looks like, with the bombing of refugees camps, that the Removal is going to be wholesale, not just to make room for the Ben Gurion Canal.

The die has been cast for at least a split of the Gaza, but if you are a student of the architect of the East-Med pipeline and the Gaza Marine gas fields, you know that Removal follows the lines on which the pipelines are drawn.

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