September 9, 2023

The slack-jawed yokel peer-reviewed publication campaign!

Turns out we're all just morons! huyuh huyuh huyuh

I’ll just leave these here… if you find more, please link in comments.

Just to appease the intelligentsia, defining ‘adherent’ (vs. nonadherent) without considering military context - ie: without stating that the COVID-19 products were mandatory else get the boot - is a tad disingenuous. Due to the role of coercion, perhaps more appropriate descriptors might include ‘willing adherence’, ‘non-willing adherence’ and non-adherent. We can tack on ‘yokel’ to the latter descriptor. I don’t mind.

If these descriptors were used, how would the willing adherers and non-willing adherers be distributed in terms of General Intelligence ranking, I wonder? Also, I would very much like to see how this standardized ‘General Intelligence Score (GIS) is assessed/measured.

Mikael Elinder, Oscar Erixson, Mattias Öhman, Cognitive ability, health policy, and the dynamics of COVID-19 vaccination, Journal of Health Economics, Volume 91, 2023, 102802, ISSN 0167-6296,

Meital Zur, Leah Shelef, Elon Glassberg, Noam Fink, Ilan Matok, Limor Friedensohn, Are intelligent people more likely to get vaccinated? The association between COVID-19 vaccine adherence and cognitive profiles, Vaccine, Volume 41, Issue 40, 2023, Pages 5848-5853, ISSN 0264-410X,

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