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Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Accident or Something More Sinister?



Bizarre footage was released this weekend, as we saw a cargo ship smash into a key bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, leading to its collapse.

Many people watching noted that the ship seemed to turn direction very quickly as it went through the port and smashed into the pillar, leading to the catastrophic failure that cost at least six lives.

Before we go any further, we want to say that we mourn the lives of those who were lost.

Now, the FBI already ruled out terrorism and says this was honestly a mechanical failure; the power went out, and you can see the lights go off and the smoke below from the top as the ship steers suspiciously right into the bridge.

However, there is a major question to bring up, as pointed out by investigative journalist Lara Logan.

The accident seemed AVOIDABLE.

Logan’s intel sources claim that the Baltimore bridge collapse on the second busiest strategic roadway for hazardous materials was absolutely a brilliant strategic attack.

She says this could not have happened by accident but was made to look like it was a mechanical failure.

This tragedy is going to cost taxpayers $15 million a day in lost revenue in the area. And it seems that Joe Biden does not want insurance companies investigating this.

Something is not right about this whole situation.

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