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Biden Delivers the “Darkest, Most Un-American Speech Given by a President”

Dark Brandon’s back and ‘he lives in an alternative reality.’



This article originally appeared on ZeroHedge and was republished with permission.

Guest post by Tyler Durden

Having successfully raged, ranted, lied, and yelled through the State of The Union, President Biden can go back to his crypt now.

Whatever ‘they’ gave Biden, every American man, woman, and the other should be allowed to take it – though it seems the cocktail brings out ‘dark Brandon’?

Tl;dw: Biden’s Speech tonight …

  • Fund Ukraine.
  • Trump is threat to democracy and America itself.
  • Abortion is good.
  • American Economy is stronger than ever.
  • Inflation wasn’t Biden’s fault.
  • Illegals are Americans too.
  • Republicans are responsible for the border crisis.
  • Trump is bad.
  • Biden stands with trans-children.
  • J6 was the worst insurrection since the Civil War.

(h/t @TCDMS99)

Tucker Carlson’s response sums it all up perfectly:

“that was possibly the darkest, most un-American speech given by an American president. It wasn’t a speech, it was a rant…”

Carlson continued: “The true measure of a nation’s greatness lies within its capacity to control borders, yet Bid refuses to do it.”

“In a fair election, Joe Biden cannot win”

And concluded:

“There was not a meaningful word for the entire duration about the things that actually matter to people who live here.”

Victor Davis Hanson added some excellent color, but this was probably the best line on Biden:

“he doesn’t care… he lives in an alternative reality.

Watch full SOTU here…

Watch clip highlights from SOTU:

Watch Tucker Carlson’s response:

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