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Chris Cuomo STILL Defends Asking for Proof of Vaccination

Guess who he blames for this becoming “sensitive.”



He says the unvaccinated made the query “sensitive,” not the people demanding papers.

CHRIS CUOMO: “I don’t believe asking somebody if they’re vaccinated is some kind of intimate information. I think you guys are making it that to make it more important and more…”

DAVE RUBIN: “No, it’s not anyone’s business what your medical — what your prior vaccine status is.”

CHRIS CUOMO: “I don’t know that that falls into, like, you know, have you had anything that would be sensitive. It became sensitive for some people.”

DAVE RUBIN: “Well, no, no, no. But it’s important. And it was sensitive because depending on whether you were vaxxed or not, they would decide whether you could go to restaurants in Los Angeles.”

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