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FBI Authorized Deadly Force in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Raid

Newly unsealed document reveals FBI agents were prepared to assassinate Trump if necessary during the Mar-a-Lago raid.



This article originally appeared on The Gateway Pundit and was republished with permission.

Guest post by Cristina Laila

Judge Cannon on Tuesday unsealed numerous motions related to Jack Smith’s classified documents case against Trump.

One filing revealed Biden’s FBI authorized the use of deadly force during their raid on Mar-a-Lago in August 2022.

Armed FBI agents were prepared to confront Trump!!

“Should FPOTUS [Trump] arrive at MAL [Mar-a-Lago], FBI MM EM and OSCs will be prepared to engage with FPOTUS and USSS Security Team.”

“Should USSS provide resistance or interfere with FBI timeline or accesses, FBI MM EM will engage with [redacted] and [redacted] will engage with USSS POC’s per existing liaison relationships.”

Below is a screenshot of the use of deadly force instructions.

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