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Insane New Details Emerge in Bombshell Diddy Case



The billionaire rapper is not only accused of doing way worse than Epstein or Cosby: drugging women, blackmailing, and buying off police officers.

It turns out that Diddy’s $40 million home is also hiding some secrets, including an underwater tunnel that connects to a grotto (cave).

The Gateway Pundit reported on Monday that Homeland Security agents raided rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Comb’s $40 million mansion as part of an ongoing sex trafficking investigation.

Combs was notably missing during the raid and was reportedly in Miami when the raid took place.

The Los Angeles Times reported Comb’s mansion, located in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, measures 17,000 square feet and has a 3,000 square-foot guesthouse.

The outlet also noted Comb’s mansion had an underwater swimming tunnel that connects to a grotto.

What were those tunnels used for, and what else is this mansion hiding?

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