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Is The Entire Crowdstrike House of Cards About To Collapse?

Even as entire governments attempt furious damage control over Tucker Carlson’s forthcoming interview with Putin, recall that Carlson still has the Julian Assange interview in his back pocket…



By Brian Cates

Remember, as we are waiting for the Tucker Carlson interview with Putin 2.0 to drop, Carlson still has that interview he did months ago with Julian Assange inside Belmarsh Prison in his back pocket.

Tucker has held back that interview for months at this point for some mysterious reason that isn’t yet apparent.

Did Assange tell him something that led him to want to get the Russian President on the record first before he released the Assange interview?

I have a current working theory about something Assange might have said to Carlson that led him to hold off on releasing the BelMarsh prision interview until Carlson had had a chance to confirm some things with the Russian president.

Think “Crowdstrike Report on the Russian Hackers Who Supposedly Hacked The DNC Server and Stole The DNC Emails”.

Roll it around in your brain.

Ponder at depth the various angles.

About the fake Crowdstrike report.

And how utterly fake it is.

The Crowdstrike report was so vital to various narratives that have been constructed on top of it, using it as their ‘foundation stone’, that everything built on the report’s false conclusions about ‘Russian hackers’ would be in danger of collapsing like a ‘House of Cards’ if the truth about the DNC emails ever came out.

Was this why Tucker Carlson did that exceedingly weird Christmas interview with actor Kevin Spacey pretending to be his character from the TV series “House of Cards”?

Step 1: interview Julian Assange about Crowdstrike/DNC emails

Step 2: Interview “Frank Underwood” about House of Cards

Step 3: Interview Vladimir Putin about Crowdstrike/DNC emails and Trump’s first fake impeachment based on a fake CIA “whistleblower”

Step 4: The House of Cards collapses, Panic In DC?

What a fun election season this is turning out to be….


Think, ponder and reflect on these plot points:

1. Russian hackers didn’t take the DNC emails. It was an inside job.

2. Crowdstrike was brought in to provide a COVER STORY for how the DNC emails were actually taken

3. The person who took the DNC emails and gave them to Julian Assange was a whistleblower

4. This person later ended up dead under strange circumstances

5. The bad guys in this movie had a really REALLY [and I mean this, so pay attention] REALLY good reason to fake how these emails were ‘stolen’ by an evil foreign government, i.e. “Russia” when they weren’t stolen by the Russians.

6. Donald J. Trump asking a casual question of newly elected Ukrainian president Volodmyr Zelensky about the current location of the DNC server in Ukraine caused every single one of these people to instantly SHIT THEMSELVES and frantically and ham-handedly engineer Trump’s first impeachment on trumped up [pun intended] fake whistleblower complaint by a CIA agent named Ciaramella.


It MUST not come out.

If it comes out, Washington DC will fall.


Take the puzzle pieces, draw the picture, and put the puzzle together.

Assange + Putin are the two people who can take down the ‘House of Cards’ they oh-so-carefully constructed to hide the truth about the DNC emails and what they directly led investigators to.

Get ready for your “Crowdstrike”, “Eric Ciamerella”, “Shawn Misko”, “Michael Carpenter” “Server in Ukraine” and “Seth Rich” pop quiz that I’ve been telling my followers on social media that is coming for the past several months.



Can stop what is coming.


Have a nice day.

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