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Joe Rogan: “There’s a Direct Correlation” Between Fluoride in the Water and Low IQs

“The fluoride in the water thing is wild.”



This article originally appeared on The Gateway Pundit and was republished with permission.

Guest post by Anthony Scott

Comedian Katt Williams sat down with Joe Rogan recently and talked on numerous topics such as propaganda in Hollywood, life-expansion technology, comedy, and more.

Towards the end of the podcast, Williams and Rogan started to talk about the concerns of fluoride in drinking water.

The conversation started when Williams shared his thoughts on how fluoride harms the pineal gland.

Rogan responded, “The fluoride in the water thing is wild.”

“It’s brilliant on the other end, though. They cleaned up the water at the same time they did that. So people of that time just remember the water not being great, and then all of a sudden the water is really great, and it has fluoride in it,” Rogan said.

Rogan added, “There’s a direct correlation between high fluoride levels in drinking water and low IQs.”


At the end of the conversation, Rogan shared that lawmakers in some states are attempting to remove fluoride in drinking.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported Union County, North Carolina commissioners, in a 3-2 vote, decided to stop using fluoride in its water supply after residents were concerned about its possible side effects on children.

Before the Union County commissioners voted, the Leader of the Union County Chapter of Moms for Liberty, Abigal Prado, spoke before the commissioners and shared, “Millions of pregnant women are currently being exposed to levels of fluoride that have the potential to lower their children’s IQ by at least four to six points.”

Prado referenced a 2019 study published in JAMA Pediatrics that revealed: “Fluoride exposure during pregnancy may be associated with adverse effects on child intellectual development, indicating the possible need to reduce fluoride intake during pregnancy.”

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