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Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You This Week – Ep. 2



#10 – The unvaccinated were scapegoated for failure of COVID vaccines, study finds.

#9 – Retired colonel unveils hidden ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ in the Russia-Ukraine war.

#8 – Elon Musk asks Zelensky about imprisoned American journalist.

#7 – Canada reports 300% increase in ‘unspecified causes’ of death.

#6 – Pro-vaccine doctor comes to a chilling realization, says “I can’t continue to vaccinate here.”

#5 – In the surrogacy case of Dawson and Adams, “Ten other children were created only to be cast aside because they were not ‘optimal.’”

#4 – Two U.S. bills seek to exit the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

#3 – Dr. Paul Marik exposes the ‘biggest hoax’ in medicine outside of COVID.

#2 – WEF demands $3.5 trillion per year to “decarbonize” the planet and “restore nature.”

#1 – Italian health minister under investigation for murder for concealing COVID-19 vaccine deaths.

BONUS #1 – The ‘next pandemic’: what you need to do to be ready.

BONUS #2 – Bison organs have some incredible nutritional benefits that the globalists don’t want you to know about.

BONUS #3 – First-ever published spike detox protocol details how you can get better after the COVID shots.

Special thanks to Maria Zeee (@zeee_media) for doing an incredible job hosting Media Blackout!

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