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Orwellian Digital IDs Simultaneously Implemented by Multiple Nations

The control grid is being built around us.



This article originally appeared on Infowars and was republished with permission.

Guest post by Kelen McBreen

Infowars and others have warned for decades about the globalist agenda to create a digital database that tracks citizens and gives the ruling class more control.

Now, the digital identification phase of this Orwellian scheme is being rolled out in almost every nation that has signed on with the corrupt anti-human elite.

Groups like the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, United Nations, European Union and others have all planned on introducing this technology for many years, and the COVID-19 pandemic was instrumental in setting the precedent for the IDs.

The Australian Parliament passed digital ID laws on Thursday, the American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) added digital IDs to its list of acceptable forms of identification two weeks ago, and the latest EU digital ID rules will begin being enforced on Monday.

Earlier this month, the Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) certified its first digital ID verification platform for operation.

Taking cue directly from an April WEF digital ID report, the Biden Administration’s National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan was updated this month.

The administration included digital identification via facial recognition biometrics to its updated agenda.

At least eleven U.S. states already allow digital driver’s licenses, and other states such as New Mexico are currently looking to do the same.

Australian Minister of Finance Katy Gallagher joined News Breakfast this week to assure citizens the nation’s new digital IDs will not be compulsory and that they won’t be used to track them.

Of course, as Wide Awake Media noted on X, “The EXACT same people who assured you the mRNA injections would be voluntary (and were “safe and effective”), are now assuring you digital ID will be voluntary, and won’t be used for any sinister purposes by the government. They are lying to you again.”

The IDs may not be compulsory now, but rest assured governments will create an excuse to mandate them as soon as possible.

India has served as the testing ground for the New World Order’s biometric surveillance scheme, with globalists like Bill Gates recently praising the country for allowing the World Bank to monitor its “digital public infrastructure (DPI).”

The United National Development Program (UNDP) “50-in-5” campaign launched last year has been used to test the digital IDs in 50 developing countries.

After the elite have used the Third World as test subjects they begin installing their draconian measures in the West, eventually creating a worldwide system.

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts delivered an epic speech exposing the true nature of the digital ID rollout.

Watch some of Alex Jones’ early warnings of the technocracy he saw being built from a mile away.

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