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Patrick Bet-David Issues Major Election Warning

What are they planning?



“The amount of gamification that could happen between now and November 5 is endless.”

TUCKER CARLSON: “It’s not like they’re going to, like, unleash a lab-grown virus on the world or race riots and burn down your cities.”

PBD: “Why would they do such a thing? (Sarcasm) They’re unifiers. They’re not trying to divide. You know that. Tucker, you’re being a little bit too speculative.”

TUCKER CARLSON: “So, I think what you’re saying is if it plays out, as elections are supposed to play out, on the basis of what the population wants, then Trump has a big advantage. But you are open to the possibility that there will be some sort of manipulation of the country?”

PBD: “Oh, there’s no question. Only the paranoid survive. And there’s never been a time where we need to be paranoid about what could happen the next few months. Never.”

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