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Shocking Revelations About Serbian Manipulation of the 2020 Election in Favor of Biden

It’s worse than you think.



This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

More details are coming to light about Serbian involvement in the manipulation of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.

According to statement by a Serbian politician released on X (formerly Twitter), the results in several Michigan counties were manipulated from a Serbian IP address to switch votes in from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

The scheme to do this apparently began a decade earlier when Biden visited Serbia as Vice President to enlist the aid of Serbian computer software experts.

Former United States Army Officer Scott Bennett, a counterterrorism analyst, said in a statement that “Biden visited Serbia in May of 2009 to personally recruit computer hackers there to control future Dominion Software in the elections…”

According to the video statement of the unnamed Serbian politician with knowledge of the matter:

“Voting equipment produced by Dominion Voting Systems is being used in 69 out of 83 counties in Michigan. The fact that this isn’t some kind of mistake is confirmed by the information that the voting machines in another Michigan county, Wayne County, were hooked up to the Internet at the time of vote counting on November 3, 2020, at 11 pm, configured to the Serbian IP address, and thousands of votes given by the voters to Trump were from Serbia transferred to Biden.”

“The example in Michigan shows that a computer algorithm was in place to lower Trump’s votes as a percentage of Republicans in a precinct. This is how we came to completely illogical and false data that support for Trump has decreased in Republican dominant precincts. Right from the beginning the program has been set up in such a way that every time Trump receives 3 votes, 1 votes is added to Biden. A number of mistakes and malwares were added to the software and additional manipulation were done over the Internet from the Serbian IP address.”

Serbian internet provider SBB, which is owned by the American Fund called KKR, which is connected to George Soros, and also owns Simon & Schuster, is suspected to be the Serbian actor involved in the scheme.

Interestingly, David Petraeus, Obama’s former CIA chief, himself with ties to Soros, is a partner in KKR and the chairman of the KKR Global Institute.

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