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Slovakia Shocks the World: New Prime Minister Rejects Signing the WHO Pandemic Treaty

This move will set off a chain reaction of events…



This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

Guest post by Dr. William Makis

Nov.19, 2023 (Video above) – Newly elected Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico’s speech to the governing political party (SMER)

SOURCE: Facebook page of Prime Minister of Slovakia

(Translation by Dr. William Makis – I was born in Slovakia and still speak the language. This was originally posted with a translation of a short clip by Aussie17 on Twitter. It’s a very good effort, but I re-translated it to fix some errors and nuances of the speech.)

“I would like to say very clearly to start that this is a political party meeting, this is not a formal government meeting, so please stop being so serious, after all we’ve won the elections for God’s sake, let’s celebrate our victory a little bit…

In the elections, the people simply rejected the media, non-governmental organization and, unfortunately, foreign power forced minority concept of progressivism, gender ideology, free market and deadly enmity against anyone who has a different opinion than they should.

If someone had a different opinion about vaccination against COVID-19, they were “dangerous to society”. The media openly wrote, as you all remember, and I’m quoting right now: “that every unvaccinated person should squeal from pain like a pig. It is necessary to use force if someone rejects the policy of the needle

And today it is being shown, that our freedom minded perspective on vaccination and government measures in the fight against COVID which grossly violated human rights, was correct and justified.

One study after another confirms the scandalous consequences of mass vaccination with untested experimental vaccines.

Yes, I confirm as leader of the party and I confirm as leader of the government, that I will support the efforts of some politicians of the new government coalition to politically evaluate what the previous government from 2020 to 2021 was up to, and also look at the financial side of extensive, often completely nonsensical purchases medical devices and vaccines.

In the same way, I also very clearly declare, that SMER Slovakian Social Democracy (the ruling political party) will NOT support the strengthening of World Health Organization’s powers at the expense of sovereign states in managing the fight against pandemics.

I will say that such nonsense could only have been invented by greedy pharmaceutical companies which began to perceive the resistance of certain governments against mandatory vaccination.

Under the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, the validity of such International Agreements in favor of the World Health Organization (WHO) requires the approval of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, and I do not believe that the sovereign Slovak political parties will express such approval and SMER (ruling political party) and its MPs certainly will not.

From 2:30

If you openly say that it’s better to spend years negotiating peace than to spend years allowing Slavs to kill each other with the only goal to weaken Russia, and this we are saying up to now it’s really not working, then you’re automatically labeled as an agent of Kremlin.

If you openly say that a major part of financial and war assistance ends up in extensive corruption in Ukraine, maybe the biggest corruption in the world, then they will label you “politically incorrect” even if you are correct and your opponents know that you speak the absolute truth.

Suspension of the membership of SMER by European Socialists (read more here) is only a punishment for our sovereignty and courage to stand behind our convictions. And I say it loudly before all of Slovakia and before the entire world, SMER isn’t a metal rooster on the roof that will turn as the wind blows, and it will never be.

Let’s insist on this: that at introduction of any sanctions, regardless of whom they’re introduced against, we will demand analysis of effects on European Union and Slovakia, otherwise sanctions lose all meaning if they harm us, because this has become the tradition: someone makes up sanctions and they end up harming us or the European Union and don’t harm the other side.

skip 3:50-425 (talks about corruption probe of Portugese PM and corruption problems of European Socialists, more here)

We have here a group of media, which are absolutely frustrated with SMER. Media who always, in a politically irresponsible way, wanted to conduct politics and wanted to direct the country. If the media think that they will openly lie and will label as enemies political parties of the new government coalition and will suppress information about the work of the new party, and that we will only watch while this happens, they are gravely mistaken.

I speak now on behalf of SMER and on behalf of the Slovak Government. We will create new conditions on cohabitation between media and government and they can cry about it all they want.

I agree that professional media have an irreplaceable place in a democratic society. But let’s not confuse the rights of the media with the fact that they’re trying to replace the function of political parties, that they are trying to direct the government, that their rights exempt them from any responsibilities.

In support of our claims, we have significant amount of evidence that a portion of Slovak media grossly abuses their monopoly on spread of information, that they are not fulfilling their legal obligations, basic legal obligations, to truthfully and in a balanced and fair manner, inform the population.

After all, if someone claims that the media is fair, balanced and truthful in its reporting to the public, many are holding their belly from laughter.

It is the intention of the government to make a clear dividing line between non-governmental organizations which engage purely in politics and attack the new government, and non-government organizations that focus on activities beneficial to the public, such as social work, charity, protection of the environment and similarly.

The government must be prepared to financially support this second group of non-governmental organizations, if in the course of fulfilling other goals important for the government, they lost a portion of their income.

In general, however, the following must apply, my dear friends: the government of the Slovak republic must be led by publicly elected organs and not chosen media and non-governmental organizations without any kind of political responsibility.”

I skipped 6:45 to the end as it mostly deals with internal politics with focus on education, transportation, construction, attracting foreign investment, modernization and some corruption in the police and prosecutors office.

Mainstream Media reporting

Robert Fico was appointed Slovakia’s Prime Minister for a fourth time on October 25, 2023.

Here is what Reuters had to say: “Leftist leader Robert Fico was appointed Slovakia’s prime minister on Wednesday for the fourth time, after pledging in his election campaign to end military support for Ukraine”

“he campaigned heavily on pledges to end Slovak official military aid to Ukraine, make foreign policy independent of EU partners and the U.S., and get tough on keeping out migrants seeking to make it to western Europe.”

“Fico has also spoken out against political liberalism, the activities of non-governmental organisations, and more rights for transgender people.”

My Take…

This is a major development and it has global implications.

Here is a Head of State, a Prime Minister of a European country, who is openly calling out greedy pharmaceutical companies as being behind the nonsensical WHO Pandemic Treaty, as well as calling out the “scandalous consequences of mass vaccination”.

This is what he said: “One study after another confirms the scandalous consequences of mass vaccination with untested experimental vaccines.”

There is no other head of state in the world who has had the guts to say this publicly and so explicitly.

Slovakia is leading the world out of the dark ages of biological warfare by the pharmaceutical industry and globalist institutions like the WHO, in a move that is seen as completely unexpected.

This move will set off a chain reaction of events…

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