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The Cancer Answer – A Delivery Method Called Anthrax

Is The Holy Grail Of A Cancer Answer Driving Mass Vaccinations, First For Soldiers, But Then For Entire Populations?



I just finished another seven days spent with Veterans near Veterans Administration hospitals along with cancer scientists who have looked at the reasons behind the mass forced vaccinations for our US military and our entire US population. Everywhere you look with the names that became famous with mRNA vaccines with CoronaVirus – Moderna, Pfizer, BioNTECH, and CureVac, the new concept all the mRNA players are betting their future on is “mRNA for Cancer.

At the recent mRNA conference in Berlin, the talk was all “mRNA for Cancer”. Little did we realize as we took the forced vaccinations heavily advertising and incentivizing mRNA, the “mRNA for Cancer” was always the end game.

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