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The CIA’s Role In The Biden Crime Family’s Activities In Ukraine Begin To Surface

Realizing Joe & Hunter Biden have been CIA/Blob assets for a long time now will cause new vistas of understanding to open up for some people.



By Brian Cates

Talk about a MAJOR PLOT TWIST for the normies out there.

The intelligence agency’s role in guiding/supporting/shielding/directing the Biden Crime Family’s activities in Ukraine just entered the movie from stage right.

Normies are about to begin discovering why it was so VERY VERY IMPORTANT to the Deep State to impeach President Trump and to try to remove him from office right after he did ‘the perfect phone call’ with Zelensky about what the Biden Crime Family was doing in Ukraine, as well as the Crowdstrike report and the DNC server being in Ukraine.

The Bidens are and always have been CIA/Blob assets. This is why they have been protected until now.

But now that the CIA/State Department/Pentagon role in directing/ordering/protecting the Biden Crime Family as it went about its various nefarious international activities is being dragged out of the tall grass and into the open, and a massive public spotlight is about to be shined on it, how much longer until The Blob cuts its losses and tosses the Bidens over the side of the ship to stop the exposure?