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The one question they cannot answer

I found it. A single question: “If the COVID vaccine is safe, can you explain this to me?” What happens is they respond with ad hominem attacks. They cannot answer this question. Ever.



Executive summary The one question they can’t answer has been found.

They will either change the topic or start telling you how stupid you are.

The question: “If the COVID vaccine is so safe, how do you explain Fig 1 in this article ?”

Background I want to thank Dr. Graham Bottley for inspiring this. I finally have a single simple question that every mainstream doctor will run from.

Bottley is a “scientist” whose credentials are so formidable (in his own view), that he does not have to answer any questions. I asked him two softball questions and he avoided answering them and instead requested that I answer HIS question. I said “happy to, right after you answer my question.”

The two questions I asked in a DM to him:

I also wanted to find out if Bottley could read and understand an epidemiology study. Again, he avoided answering:

I then gave him yet one more question, in full public view, that he refused to answer.

Here it is:

What they do when you ask this question is attack you or change the subject.

The debate is over in one question. They cannot explain the graph. You cannot have a 7x variation in the bar height in the first 60 days. Anyone who attempts to defend this will fail.

So they resort to ad hominem attacks on me for asking the question.

Summary The question: “If the COVID vaccine is so safe, how do you explain Fig 1 in this article ?”

I will now spend less time on debates. This question ends the debate. One question. One ducking the answer. All in plain sight. Gold standard data from the very government that pushed the jabs.

The debates are over. This one figure proves the vaccines are causing huge amounts of excess mortality. There is no other explanation.

If you like my work, please consider becoming a paying subscriber so that I can have enough funds to finish the job. With your help, we will win this, likely within the next 60 days there will be no place for them to hide. There is big stuff in the works. You will see.