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The RNC is Still Working Against Trump

MAGA is being fooled.



This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

Guest post by L Todd Wood

Sources with knowledge of what is happening inside the RNC describe a disastrous situation, where ‘election integrity’ efforts are window dressing, where ‘real election fraud’ is not discussed, and where anti-Trump operatives still wield substantial power inside the organization.

Sources also inform The Georgia Record that ninety percent of those RINO swamp creatures ‘fired’ after a leadership change at the RNC, which saw the removal of Ronna McDaniel, have been hired back, and are working feverishly against the re-election of President Trump.

The ‘500 attorneys’ to be locked and loaded in GA to fight election fraud is a mirage – they don’t exist.

Having thousands of blue-haired ladies in polling stations will not stop the cheat.

It’s all happy talk designed to sleep walk the MAGA movement into slavery.

Sources lay out several ‘must happen’ initiatives that need to be immediately implemented or the election is already lost to MAGA.

  1. A major focus on stopping illegals from voting.
  2. A focus on preventing fraud by absentee ballots and drop boxes – all which for the most part are alive and well.
  3. A focus on improving, or even requiring, signature verification.
  4. Stopping the use of ‘thumb drives’ being used with machines to install malware.

Sources say, without these measure being implemented, President Trump will lose the ‘official’ count, while easily winning with legal ballots.

Sources tell the Georgia Record Ronna McDaniel is still being paid by the RNC.

The RNC has even removed the ‘loyalty pledge’ to support the nominee from the hiring process.

Sources tell The Georgia Record Lara Trump is siloed by Susie Wiles (the gatekeeper) to focus only on money.

Michael Whatley is allowing all this to happen, sources tell The Georgia Record.

This is bad.

MAGA is being fooled.

Stop the steal and force action on these issues.

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