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The ‘Standard American Diet’ Will Turn Your Family Into the Human Equivalent of Fat, Nutrition-Starved Tribbles

This interferes with our duty as American citizens & patriots to make ourselves as HARD TO KILL as possible.



By Brian Cates

The Trouble With Tribbles” has always been my favorite Star Trek episode.

While visiting a space station to pick up tons of grain to transport to a colonized planet suffering from a famine, an interstellar trader and all-around likable scoundrel named Cyrano Jones offers something to the Enterprise crew that at first looks harmless: cute furry little creatures called ‘Tribbles.’

Here is the plot summary of the episode via Wikipedia:

The Enterprise is summoned to Deep Space Station K7 by undersecretary Nilz Baris to guard a shipment of quadrotriticale grain. Captain James Kirk is annoyed at Baris’s use of a high-priority distress call for a seemingly trivial matter, and complies minimally. The Enterprise crew enjoy shore leave on the station, as does the crew of a Klingon ship under the command of Captain Koloth.

Interstellar trader Cyrano Jones arrives with goods for sale, among them purring balls of fluff called tribbles. He gives one to Lt. Uhura, who takes it aboard the Enterprise. On both the Enterprise and the station, the tribbles begin reproducing rapidly. They make soothing cooing noises and are loved by the Enterprise crew, even the stoic Spock. However, tribbles jump and screech in disgust when around Klingons.

On the station, a drunken Klingon insults the Enterprise, her crew, and her captain. The resulting brawl between humans and Klingons forces Kirk to cancel shore leave. Baris is terrified of possible Klingon interference with the grain project, and suspects Jones of being a Klingon agent.

Doctor Leonard McCoy and Spock are concerned that the increasing number of tribbles threatens to consume all the food aboard the Enterprise. Kirk realizes that the tribbles on the station could be a threat to the grain shipment. He is too late, however; when he opens an overhead storage compartment, he is buried chest-deep in grain-gorged tribbles. Spock and McCoy discover that many of the tribbles in the hold are dead or dying, suggesting the grain has been poisoned.

Infuriated, Baris vows to see Kirk punished for the fiasco, while an equally outraged Koloth demands an apology from Kirk for what he considers disrespectful treatment of his crew. Their arguments are cut short, however, when Baris’s assistant Arne Darvin walks into the room and the tribbles react as if in the presence of a Klingon. McCoy reveals Darvin to be a Klingon disguised as a human; Darvin confesses to having poisoned the grain.

Jones is ordered to remove the tribbles from the station (a task that Spock estimates will take 17.9 years), or he may face charges for transporting dangerous life-forms. Just before the Klingons depart, all the tribbles aboard the Enterprise are transported onto the Klingon vessel by Chief Engineer Scott, where, in his words, “they’ll be no tribble at all.”

pleasant purring sound….
“Have a Tribble, my dear!”
The Tribbles start off at their normal size….
A fortunate plot device is that while Tribbles LOVE Humans, they HATE Klingons….very loud, angry squealing!*

The Tribbles Died Because They Gorged Themselves On What Had Been Transformed Into ‘Fake Food’

It looked like grain. It tasted like grain. But it wasn’t really grain any longer. It had been altered at the genetic level by a Klingon agent.

The Tribbles weren’t getting any nutrients from the grain, so they kept eating. Their ‘hunger’ sense was never ‘turned off’ because the grain was empty of all real sustenance.

As Captain Kirk says incredulously when Dr. McCoy explains to him why the Tribbles are dead: “They starved to death?! In a vat full of grain…they starved to death!?”

What is ‘Fake Food’?

Fake Food is highly processed products made from genetically altered plants that have little or no real nutritional value.

The endless aisles of fake food in your grocery store made from ‘wheat’, ‘corn’ and ‘sugar’?

All that stuff is not made from the ‘wheat’ and ‘corn’ your ancestors were eating. And not the cane sugar, either.


Far from it.

They’ve GMO’d the wheat & corn & sugar in this country to the point it’s almost nothing like Americans were eating 150 years ago.

Today, people are eating highly processed Fake Food made up of some combination of

1. GMO Corn

2. GMO Wheat

3. GMO Sugar [usually High Fructose [GMO] Corn Syrup

4. Artificial sweeteners

5. Seed Oils

6. Food dyes/coloring

7. Chemical preservatives

Here’s the brutal truth: these highly processed products are not really FOOD. They are toxic products that tastes good.

These toxic Fake Foods are **designed** to taste AWESOME and be INCREDIBLY ADDICTIVE.

Remember when the cigarette industry tycoons were dragged in front of Congress and stridently lied in front of the entire country about paying their scientists to tinker with the nicotine content of their products to make them as ADDICTIVE as possible so people would buy more cigarettes and smoke more often?

If you don’t think the Big Food tycoons are paying scientists to tinker with their products and come up with the best-tasting, most-ADDICTIVE version of their Fake Food, you’re being very naïve.

I’m pretty sure these food corporations are paying big bucks to people to tinker with just the right combinations of wheat/corn/sugar/seed oils/food additives that people will find irresistible.

Millions of Americans today are eating almost nothing but Fake Food. It may look like food. It may taste like food, even smell like food. But it’s not really food.

Like the Klingon agent that cleverly removed all the nutrients from the grain, Big Food and Big Agriculture have been **genetically modifying** most of America’s corn, wheat, and sugar for several decades now. They claim they’ve been ‘improving’ the plants. But is that really true?

Wheat used to stand very tall; they’ve now modified it to the point they’ve created a very short ‘dwarf wheat’ that yields more kernels. But at what cost?

Corn has also been genetically modified up the wazoo also.

Governments extensively play up the supposed benefits of genetically modifying corn; they don’t talk much about the negatives, such as altering the nutritional content.

Now they’ll claim to you there is ‘no such thing as genetically modified sugar!’.

They get around having to admit that MOST of the sugar going into the highly processed fake food comes from genetically modified beets or cane sugar by pulling a sleight of hand.

Got that?

They simply claim that

  1. sugar from genetically modified beets
  2. high-fructose corn syrup from genetically modified corn

are ‘refined ingredients’ and there are ‘no detectable traces of genetically-modified material, so the USDA **does not require** these corporations to label their products as having genetically modified sugar in them.

This is bullshit.

After Making Their Fake Food With Genetically Modified Ingredients, They Pull An Amazing Trick On You By Bragging About Adding Fake Vitamins & Minerals

So, they’re making MOST of the American food supply found in the grocery stores from highly processed genetically modified wheat, corn, and sugar that have nothing close to the nutritional value or impact on your digestive system that real corn, wheat and sugar had on our ancestors.

Now, they kind of FOOL YOU by adding fake synthetic ‘vitamins and minerals’ BACK into the product at the end stage. Remember how all those sugary cereals they want you to feed your kids have this displayed prominently somewhere on the box? “Fortified with Vitamins and Iron!”?

Let me explain what they’re doing there.

In the process of taking the newer nutritionally-sparse-to-begin-with genetically modified wheat, the corn, sugar, seed oils, food dyes/colorings, food additives & preservatives, and making it into the food product, any real vitamins and minerals are stripped out.

So at the very end of the process, what they do is they add in some **synthetic** vitamins/minerals/Iron so they can pretend this sugary crap is now ‘healthy’ for kids to eat because, hey, it’s got fake added vitamins and minerals!

And of course sugary cereal is FAR from the only Fake Food product where they do this amazing trick, adding in fake ‘vitamins and minerals made in a lab and slapping a ‘healthy for you!’ label on it.

Here In America, We Are Surrounded By An Entire Culture of Toxic Fake Food

Americans are eating more food than ever before. They are taking in more calories daily than probably ever before in American history.

200 years ago, a fat man was said to be ‘well fed.’ Because only rich people could afford enough surplus food to eat enough to be overweight and have excess body fat.

Today, it’s more accurate to say that a morbidly obese person is not only NOT ‘well fed,’ they are actually incredibly malnourished.

Their bad diet, with its lack of real nutrients and its plethora of toxins and seed oils, not only has them fat but also highly inflamed, unhealthy, chronically sick, and bloated.

Recently came across pictures of me taken in 2008, when I was about to launch one of my endless cycles of dieting/exercise as I tried to lose body fat and get down to a healthy weight.

Am I ‘well fed’ or extremely malnourished on the SAD in those pictures above?

Your body NEEDS certain basic nutrients from your daily diet. If you’re consistently failing to give your body those nutrients in the food you eat, the more ways your body is going to give you responses of distress. And one of the responses a distressed body gives is an increased sense of hunger.

We have a nation of increasingly unhealthy fat people who are eating more all the time and are hungrier than ever.

What I want you to understand is that you can be eating more and more and getting fatter and fatter, stuffing yourself with fake food every day, and STILL be **malnourished** and **starving to death** just like those Tribbles starved to death.

The Tribbles on the space station, who got into the grain storage bins? They ate…and they ate…and they ate some more…but the more they ate…the HUNGRIER they got! Why?

Hunger Is A Sign Your Body Is Crying Out For Nutrients

Your body is an amazingly designed miracle that has ways of sending you signals that it’s not getting what it needs; it’s not getting nearly enough of the daily nutrients it requires.

But we live in a toxic food culture that deliberately confuses and confounds us at every turn if we’re not aware of what our body is actually trying to tell us.

Like the Tribbles in the fictional Star Trek episode, Americans are EATING more ‘grain’ than ever…but are getting fewer real nutrients from what they are eating.

Your body isn’t actually telling you to eat MORE Froot Loops, granola bars, wheat bread, pancakes, dinner rolls, pizza, cookies, ice cream, Doritos, or drink more Sprite or Red Bull or whatever. It’s not telling you to eat MORE empty Fake Food.

It’s very likely trying to tell you it didn’t get any useable NUTRIENTS from what you’ve eaten, so it’s signaling you in an attempt to get some vitamins and minerals and more useable protein and fat. Carbs, you get PLENTY of on the Standard American Diet, so you don’t really have a big shortage of that.

But if all you’re surrounded by is Fake Food….well, see the problem? Your body is going to signal you to keep eating, and you’re going to end up eating what’s around you. And many Americans who don’t know any better are surrounded by Fake Food.

And the more of this nutritionally-empty Fake Food you eat, the hungrier you are all the time.

I discovered once I broke my sugar/processed carb addiction and ditched the highly processed, nutrient-sparse Fake Food for real, nutrient-dense food, I stopped being hungry every few hours.

I know it sounds awful to most people when tell them I only eat one meal a day now [OMAD], and so I’m fasting for 20 hours and eating that one meal inside of a four-hour window. That’s because when they go a few hours without eating, they start having intense hunger pangs. 20 hours without eating, and they know they would feel terrible. But that’s only because they are carb addicted and not eating real food.

I also discovered that the endless commercials for Fake Food on my TV no longer affect me like they used to. Because of my Fake Food addiction, the frequent commercials I was constantly seeing while watching sports or TV programs would trigger a hunger response. The fast [fake] food franchises pay big bucks to the networks because advertising works, especially when you have an extremely large target audience that is addicted to your fake food products.

We Desperately Need A Food Reformation In The United States

Nobody is really looking out for Americans when it comes to the toxic Fake Food their culture is drowning in.

You’d think, what with the exploding levels of diabesity, chronic illnesses, cancers, and other disastrous effects of the Fake Food epidemic, someone would have sounded the alarm long before now.

But a key part of this massive problem is that the government is in bed with the food corporations that are driving this public emergency.

As strange as this is going to sound…millions of Americans who’ve learned that the medical & health authorities they trusted DELIBERATELY MISLED THEM during the recent COVID pandemic STILL trust these same authorities when it comes to nutrition and diet advice.

Strange…but true.

They misled the public about

  1. The COVID-19 virus origins and who paid for the gain of function research in the Wuhan lab
  2. Who the first people were who were known to have caught the virus
  3. The vaccines stopping COVID-19 transmission, and other vaccine lies
  4. The efficacy of cheap drugs like Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine in preventing COVID-19 infection or killing the virus after coming down with it
  5. Injuries and deaths from people who took the experimental mRNA shots without full informed consent
  6. The full-blown government censorship program that was enacted to crack down on anybody trying to call out their lies in points 1-5k

They lied to you about ALL OF THAT, but you can still trust them because, hey, why would they lie to you and your family about nutrition and diet?

As I’ve mentioned several times over the past 10 months, my extensive research into health and diet-related issues has directly led me to conclude much of the mis-and-disinformation the public is being fed by the Deep State on diet and health is not an accident; it’s not being driven by mere profit motive.

There really is something truly SINISTER at work here.

As I have been recently reporting, after their Plandemic failed to have the hoped-for results, the Deep State has been forced to forge full-speed-ahead-and-damn-the-Great-Awakening!

To keep their stuttering ‘Great Reset’ moving forward despite the premature end to the Plandemic, they are going straight for the world’s food supply by attacking farmers and farms.

Remember just a few short years ago when Fake News could pretty much successfully pass this rich asshole off to the sleeping public as being some kinda great and noble humanitarian?

It’s not paranoia if the elites actually ARE out to get the rest of us.

In just the past few years, they launched the Plandemic, and now they are following up with a crackdown worldwide on farms as part of their massive engineered “Climate Change” hoax.

The fact they wouldn’t tell you the truth about sunlight and Vitamin D and Ivermectin while they were yelling for you to be locked down for months should be very alarming.

Is it not becoming increasingly obvious that not only are these ‘health’ and ‘medical’ authorities not looking out for you, but they actually seem to wish you and your family ill?

As I said in this recent column, I didn’t WANT to come to the conclusion that they’re serious about all this depopulation talk. But it appears that they are.

That means you have to stop looking at authority figures and government ‘experts’ to give you guidance on issues of diet and health. You have to start educating yourself and researching on your own. For yourself and your family.

You are not going to make yourself and your family harder to kill during the next pandemic by listening to the same government-approved health and nutrition experts who are currently claiming to you that a big heaping bowl of Frosted Flakes or Honey Nut Cheerios is HEALTHIER for you than a plate of steak and eggs, or bacon and cheese.

Yes, university ‘nutrition authorities’ have been claiming the sugary shit in the top row is ‘better’ for your kids than the ‘toxic’ bottom row.

You have to take command of your own health. And take deliberate steps to feed yourself and your family real, nutrient-dense food every day, to ensure you get enough vitamins and minerals to be fully healthy.

And that means leaving the toxic Fake Food culture behind you.

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