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The Ukraine Illusions Are Now Collapsing & The World Is Learning The Truth



By Brian Cates

Jack Posobiec asked an excellent question on X the other day:

By now, many Americans have woken up to the reality that much of what the Biden White House, the US State Department, the United Nations, the European Union, and NATO have used the medium of Fake News Media to claim to them about this ongoing military conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine is false.

When I saw Jack’s post, I responded by saying the following:

Our government, the UN, and NATO lied about:

1. The Maidan coup being launched by our own CIA

2. The Donbas refused to recognize the CIA puppet gov’t in Kyiv, setting off an 8-year civil war

3. Kyiv arming & sending actual neo-Nazis to Eastern Ukraine to commit atrocities & war crimes against the ethnic Russian population there

4. There are over a dozen Biolabs funded and controlled by NATO and our CIA/Pentagon/St. Depart, or as @MikeBenzCyber affectionately refers to them “The Blob”

5. There are a dozen secret CIA bases from which Operation Gladio operatives have been launching acts of war against Russia for several decades now

Here’s what people don’t understand because they bought all the lies our own government told us:

Putin **tried** diplomacy for almost two decades to

1. Stop the relentless NATO expansion to Russia’s border

2. Stop the CIA’s meddling & launching coups against Russia’s neighbors

3. Stop the neo-Nazi war crimes in the Donbas

4. Get the Biolabs removed from his doorstep

And for 20 years he was told by the UN, NATO, the EU, the US State Dept., etc., to STFU and quit lying.

The international public was confidently assured there were no CIA bases, there were no biolabs and there CERTAINLY weren’t any openly neo-Nazi units embedded in the Ukrainian military committing war crimes in the Donbas.

Putin exhausted diplomacy and got tired of being told he was making all this up. Now, the whole world will see who the real bad guys are.

Watch: Russian President Vladimir Putin Addresses the United Nations ...

Since Putin went into the Donbas region of Ukraine to secure it against the war crimes being committed there by the neo-Nazi units under the control of the Kyiv government, I’ve written several times about how much of what the Western world is being told by the cleverly disguised intelligence agency propaganda outlets disguised as ‘news media’ [Fox News, NYT’s, Washington Post, CNN, NBC News, CBS News, etc.] about much of the world is false. Not just what they’re being told about Ukraine and Russia but also much of the rest of the world.

But let’s focus on the prevalent lies about Ukraine for this column.

The lies include are not limited to:

  1. Putin’s goal is to take over all of the country of Ukraine and then start WW3 by invading a NATO country such as Poland
  2. Russia was losing the war badly even as the US Congress was frantically trying to send more and more billions of dollars and more weapons to Ukraine.
  3. The Biolabs that were initially claimed not to exist are for purely defensive and research purposes, not the nefarious offensive reasons claimed by the Russian government.
  4. There are no neo-Nazi units openly operating in the Eastern Donbas, either before or following Putin’s invasion, just a handful of colorful, boisterous, and not-too-bright types with bad judgment in what insignia they put on their uniforms.
  5. There was no genuine attempt at a peace agreement a year and a half ago. That was just made-up Russian propaganda. Boris Johnson certainly did not rush to sabotage a developing peace deal before it could be finalized.

The problem here was that sooner or later, there has to be a payoff for a lie started as a propaganda narrative. All the lies I just listed above had a shelf life. They were constructed chiefly to maintain a holding pattern until the payoffs arrived. Things were supposed to happen that would prevent those lies from being exposed as lies.

But those things haven’t happened.

Like increasing sanctions on Putin, bringing Russia to its knees. Russia was supposed to have been entirely isolated by now, and Putin was to have been reduced to an international pariah, someone no other national leader would meet or work with.

As I wrote in April of last year, the sudden activation of BRICs as a viable alternative to the US Federal Reserve petrodollars financial system caught the entire NATO block by surprise.

A year after it was supposedly assured that NATO had Russia on the ropes over alleged massive defeats being suffered by Putin’s forces in Ukraine on top of the imagined severe financial crisis the NATO sanctions were inflicting on Moscow, the tables have dramatically turned.

Thanks to new BRICs energy trade deals for oil where the transactions are being made in currencies like the Chinese yuan, Russia has now reached oil exports to the same level as before the NATO sanctions were implemented.

After China Border Clash, India's Modi Calls for 'Respecting ...
“International pariah” meeting Modi and Xi

And now, over the last six months or so, the worst thing that could have occurred has begun to happen: the international public is learning the truth. The cracks started showing in the carefully crafted illusions. Maintaining such illusions takes a lot of effort; they’re only effective in the short term, and then new illusions must be cast and kept up in front of the public’s eyes.

Because the narrative payoffs never arrived and events did not develop as hoped over the past two years, the illusions carefully crafted by intelligence agents disguised as reporters have started collapsing under their absurd weight. Zelensky was just claiming the other day that the total number of Ukrainian soldiers killed in the conflict with Russia over the past two years is 31,000. It has gotten to the point where the players in the farce aren’t even bothering to construct believable lies.

The more we learn about the CIA and its role in the puppet government installed in Ukraine in 2014, and the Biolabs, and the training/arming/directing of the neo-Nazi units as they perpetrated war crimes in Eastern Donbas for over eight years, the more it becomes apparent to me why the CIA and other rogue government agencies were engaged from the start in ilegal operations targeting President Donald J. Trump and his administration.

And why certain people absolutely freaked out over the ‘perfect phone call’ when President Trump began asking the ‘wrong’ questions of newly elected Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. And then they rushed to create false reasons involving a fake CIA ‘whistleblower’ named Eric Ciaramella to impeach a President.

There’s a world for that, and I believe it is…TREASON.

'TREASON?': Twitter Memes Mock President for Reaction to Anonymous Op-Ed

The more we learn, the clearer it becomes why those who told us endless lies over the past eight years or so are now frantically telling us even more desperate lies as their Ukraine House of Cards collapses even as all their efforts to stop and turn back Donald Trump’s triumphant return to the White House are failing.

Donald Trump can end them. He can end all their endless lies about Ukraine. And so many other things.

So this is not just another four-year election. The very survival of the world itself very likely depends on the outcome of this 2024 presidential race.

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