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White Journalist Says He Wore ‘Black Man Disguise’ to ‘Document Racism’ — Gets Absolutely Roasted Online

His new book about racism in America is getting a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.



This article originally appeared on Infowars and was republished with permission.

Guest post by Adan Salazar

A Canadian author, who admitted he disguised himself as a black man for a book documenting racism in America, received massive backlash from social media users who criticized the idea as ill-conceived.

“Last summer, I disguised myself as a Black man and traveled throughout the United States to document how racism persists in American society,” read an X post on Tuesday by National Post writer Sam Forster. “Writing Seven Shoulders was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done as a journalist.”

Moreover, a description for Forster’s book Seven Shoulders on Amazon reads, “Six decades after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, award-winning journalist Sam Forster performs a daring transformation in order to taxonomies the various types of racism that persist in modern America.”

“Seven Shoulders is the most important book on American race relations that has ever been written,” the description boldly claims.

News of the book sparked outrage and amusement from all corners of social media, with many puzzled as to why he didn’t just interview black Americans.

Others called to see photos of Forster’s cosplay disguise, anticipating images of a white man in blackface.

Many also trolled Forster with memes of Robert Downey Jr.’s black face-wearing character in the 2008 comedy, Tropic Thunder.

The experiment’s inspiration was theorized by several X users to be Forster’s national leader Justin Trudeau, who’s notoriously donned blackface in the past.

It was also pointed out the same experiment had already been done by renowned author John Howard Griffin in the 1960s, in a book titled, “Black Like Me.”

…And by Lois Lane in an old Superman comic.

It remains to be seen what if anything comes from this journalist’s inane social experiment, likely intended to sow more racial division in America.

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