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Whoopsie: The CDC Drafted a Vaccine-Related Myocarditis Alert But Never Sent It



No big deal, right?

The Epoch Times reported:

“The CDC started receiving reports of post-vaccination myocarditis in January 2021 and either failed to detect or ignored a safety signal for myocarditis and the mRNA shots the following month … The agency also hid a warning from Israel, the country that first vaccinated young people, who face the highest risk of myocarditis from COVID-19 vaccination.”

Rather than disseminating the myocarditis risk via the Health Alert Network (HAN), a platform that would have actually alerted the public, the CDC chose to bury the details in a document titled “Clinical Considerations.”

The Epoch Times reported:

“The CDC later sent multiple alerts that encouraged COVID-19 vaccination. None mentioned myocarditis.”

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