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YIKES: Red Cross Official Admits They Do Not Separate Blood by COVID Vaccination Status

Meanwhile, they’re asking blood donors if they’ve ever received a COVID vaccine…



This article originally appeared on Infowars and was republished with permission.

Guest post by Adan Salazar

Blood donations from COVID-19 vaccinated individuals aren’t separated from non-vaccinated batches and could potentially be transfused into unwitting patients, officials with the American Red Cross told an undercover journalist.

Following revelations that the American Red Cross is asking potential blood donors whether they’ve recently received a COVID-19 vaccine, undercover journalists with Stephen Crowder’s Louder With Crowder team found despite screening for vaccination, the Red Cross does not separate donated blood by vaccination status.

“[In] situations where you may be in a car accident or something, you need blood right away, there is a possibility that you’ll be getting vaccinated blood,” a phone operator at the American Red Cross told an undercover journalist posing as a physician.

Asked if a patient could possibly learn whether they were receiving “vaccinated blood,” the Red Cross worker replied, “There isn’t any way. The blood isn’t separated, you know, depending on if you’re vaccinated or not.”

The worker added, “The only way that they can get it, blood that’s not vaccinated, is if they donate for themselves, or if they have a family member that’s willing to donate for them.”

Elsewhere in the call, the Red Cross worker described an anecdote of a situation in which a blood donation from a vaccinated person was denied because she began experiencing ringing in her ears, a common side effect associated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

“So, some people have had the vaccine two years ago and are still experiencing some type of symptoms, so that’s why we specifically ask regarding that one,” the worker said.

“Like for instance,” the Red Cross worker continued, “I’ve had one donor before call in and after she received the vaccine, her doctor was able to find that she had a direct correlation to ringing in the ears afterwards. And so we see that as a symptom — so anything abnormal, and it proceeds to this day — so she essentially wasn’t eligible to donate.”

The Red Cross’s tacit admission there could be something wrong with blood from a COVID-19 vaccinated patient comes as social media users this week discovered the group is now asking potential donors if they have “EVER had a Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine?”

If answered “Yes,” the Red Cross tells potential donors to call a 1-800 number to check if they’re still eligible to donate.

Infowars has been highlighting the problem of vaccine-tainted blood circulating in the blood supply for at least three years, reporting on how some Americans were refusing transfusions from COVID vaccinated donors.

The Red Cross’s hesitancy to accept vaccinated blood appears to validate concerns by people who were skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, but the Crowder team’s latest revelations now highlight a new problem where vaccine-tainted blood is integrated into the blood supply.

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