August 18, 2023

100% of ‘Died Suddenly’ Autopsy Cases Causally Connected to the COVID Vaccine, According to Review

“We have now proof-positive in autopsies in cases like this: 100% of the time, it is fatal, vaccine-induced myocarditis.”

The world has been carefully observing the aftermath of the COVID-19 vaccination drive, particularly in light of worrying concerns surrounding vaccine-induced myocarditis. The video below showcases headlines of young people collapsing and dying unexpectedly in the last eight months alone.

“The entire world is on edge,” lamented Dr. Peter McCullough, world-renowned cardiologist, “watching this [‘died suddenly’ phenomenon].” He joined Del Bigtree on The Highwire Thursday, detailing how the FDA knew, ahead of time, vaccine-induced myocarditis was going to be a problem.

Here is the timeline:

• In October 2020, during its VRBPAC meeting, the FDA stated that myocarditis could be a potential consequence of the COVID vaccines.

• By June 2021, the US FDA publicly acknowledged that the vaccines could cause heart inflammation or myocarditis.

• Historically, myocarditis was a known medical condition, occasionally resulting from viruses like parvovirus and coxsackievirus. Patients diagnosed with myocarditis were traditionally advised against exercising, given the risk of cardiac arrest due to an adrenaline surge, particularly in the early morning hours.

This brings us to the present-day concerns arising from COVID-19 vaccination.

As Dr. McCullough highlighted, there is now a substantial body of work – 800 peer-reviewed papers, to be precise – dedicated to vaccine-induced myocarditis. Notably, two cohort studies by Mansuguan and Beurgin & Mueller have indicated a worrying statistic: after vaccination, particularly with the second and third doses, 2.5% of participants showed evidence of heart damage. Given the sheer number of vaccine recipients worldwide, this translates to a significant number of individuals.

Image via Dr. McCullough’s Substack.

The nature of this damage is significant.

Healthy hearts rely on a harmonized electrical conduction system, ensuring uniform depolarization and repolarization. Any damage, even minor, to the heart tissue can disrupt this system. This damage or scarring can result in slow depolarization through the affected zone, a condition that sets the stage for reentry. This reentry can lead to a condition called ventricular tachycardia (VT), a rapid heart rhythm that can be observed in affected individuals for brief durations. Should this condition deteriorate further, it can result in ventricular fibrillation – a severe situation where the affected individual can collapse suddenly.

Dr. McCullough underscored the gravity of this scenario by referencing a paper from the preprint service system.

Doctors Peter McCullough, Roger Hodkinson, Aseem Malhotra, and William Makis co-authored a study titled Autopsy Proven Fatal COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis with Nicolas Hulscher from the University of Michigan. “We have now proof-positive in autopsies in cases like this: 100% of the time, it is fatal, vaccine-induced myocarditis,” Dr. McCullough declared. Their research confirmed that in autopsy cases where vaccine-induced myocarditis was included as a possible cause of death, 100% of the time, it was causally related to the vaccine.

Let’s take a deeper look at that study:

The aforementioned authors performed a comprehensive review of all published autopsy reports detailing myocarditis possibly related to COVID-19 vaccination up to July 3rd, 2023. Three expert reviewers with specialization in cardiac pathology assessed causality in each case.

Results: From an initial pool of 1,691 studies, 14 papers met the inclusion criteria, providing a total of 28 autopsy cases. In the majority of these cases (26 out of 28), only the cardiovascular system was impacted. Meanwhile, in 2 instances, myocarditis was identified as stemming from multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS). Notably, the average time from the final COVID-19 vaccine dose to death was 6.2 days, with a median of 3 days. The majority of these deaths transpired within one week post-vaccination. Remarkably, after independent review, all 28 fatalities were causally connected to COVID-19 vaccination.

If the claims and findings detailed in this study stand undisputed, the COVID-19 vaccine could be viewed as the greatest medical mistake in history. It urges a reconsideration of the balance between rapid global health responses and the potential for unintended, long-term consequences.

The full episode of The Highwire featuring Dr. Peter McCullough is available to watch in the video below:

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