August 22, 2023

Buyer Beware: How mRNA Vaccines Are Tainting the Organic Food Supply - Attorney Tom Renz

"They will modify your genetics."

If you thought organic meat was 100% safe, guess again.

In an enlightening interview, investigative journalist Emerald Robinson sat down with Attorney Tom Renz to discuss the far-reaching implications of genetic engineering and mRNA vaccines on our food supply. With the surge in mRNA technology, its presence in the world of agriculture and organic food has sparked significant concerns among consumers.

Attorney Renz made a startling revelation that even livestock treated with mRNA vaccines can still bear the coveted ‘organic’ label. This raises pertinent questions about the transparency and trustworthiness of our food labeling system. If an animal that's been genetically modified through mRNA technology can still be sold under the banner of organic food, then what can we trust? It puts pressure on the consumer to reach out to farmers and directly ask, "Is there mRNA in your meat?"

The implications of eating meat with mRNA technology is deeply concerning because with to 'edible vaccines,' Attorney Renz stated “We've created these chemicals that will survive digestion, they will survive injection, they will survive, and they will modify your genetics.”

In light of these revelations, it becomes clear that the 'organic' label is no longer a fail-safe guarantee of natural, unmodified food; instead, it serves as a reminder that vigilance and informed choices are more crucial than ever in navigating the complex landscape of today's food supply.

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