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Data Analyst: “We Have a Crisis Underway”

Why is no one in a position of authority interested in this pressing issue?



Since the rollout of the COVID-19 “vaccines,” deaths among young people have surged at alarming rates. And, unfortunately, the situation is only getting worse. According to U.S. CDC and NCHS data, excess mortality among 0 to 24-year-olds has hit new highs, with a seven-week average of 41.7% more deaths than anticipated.

These terrifying figures have been unearthed by prominent data analyst, The Ethical Skeptic.

The Ethical Skeptic on “X”

The Ethical Skeptic has been at the forefront of engineering and scientific problem-solving over the past four decades, building a thought-leading and highly sought-after professional capability. Throughout COVID, this account has been doing some serious number crunching, garnering recognition from top doctors like pathologist Ryan Cole.

Dr. Ryan Cole

On October 6, The Ethical Skeptic wrote, “We have a crisis underway, folks. BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) data and Week 38 updates hot off the presses.”

And what each chart showed was an alarming rise in cardiac arrests, cancers, disabilities, and deaths from non-COVID causes.

I reached out to The Ethical Skeptic to further understand the significance of the data.

“These are deviation from trend charts. They take seasonality and slope out of the picture so that those aspects of a graph do not serve to confuse,” The Ethical Skeptic told me. “The line comes in from the left completely horizontal, and that represents the old trend (with seasonality removed). If there is a change, the line will ‘inflect’ or bend suddenly. All these charts bend suddenly at Week 14 of 2021 – and what happened then?” The Ethical Skeptic asked.

“That is the very week when the vaccines had their greatest uptake,” the data analyst answered.

“The ‘7-week m-avg EM’ is the seven-week moving average of excess mortality – or how high the line has trended above its old pre-inflection trend,” The Ethical Skeptic further explained. “I express it in both a percentage excess mortality as well as ‘sigma’ (or z-score as some call sigma).”

The ‘PFE (Pull Forward Effect) Adjusted Baseline’ is the new baseline, given that a lot of people died, and the baseline death rate should be lower now than it would have been. So, ‘Run-sigma’ is the actual excess mortality in terms of past standard deviations.”

The Ethical Skeptic then explained the inflection point, or when the COVID-19 “vaccines” had their greatest uptake. “If you run a line through the new trend and intersect it with the old trend – that intersection is the inflection point. Hundreds of these charts show MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report) Week 14 of 2021 as a BIG change in terms of mortality of all kinds. It did not do this with Covid – only with the Vax.”

The Charts

The first chart The Ethical Skeptic shared on “X” focused on non-COVID-related cardiac deaths among people aged 0 to 54, using numbers from U.S. CDC and NCHS data.

As of week 38 of this year, deaths from sudden cardiac arrests are 37.7% higher than anticipated, resulting in 43,571 total post-inflection excess deaths.

The next chart focused on malignant neoplasms, or cancers, among people aged 0 to 54. Similar to cardiac arrests, cancers followed a similar trend.

As of the 38th week of this year, the occurrence rate of malignant neoplasms (cancers) has increased by 24.2% more than expected, leading to an additional 15,547 deaths after the inflection point.

The Big Tell

The following chart is what The Ethical Skeptic called “The Big Tell,” looking at all deaths from non-COVID causes in people aged 0 to 24.

The data analyst explained, “They [0 to 24-year-olds] were not hit by Covid hard at all (younger persons). But they suddenly WERE hit by the Vax, very hard. So, that age group has a 42% excess mortality as of week 38, 2023. And it is rising linearly.”

The last chart The Ethical Skeptic shared looked at disability rates.

He wrote:

Just out…

BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) – Civilian Labor Force – With a disability, 16 years and over.

Not good news at all… significant jump, commensurate with rollout of the vaccine itself.

Defer now to @DowdEdward as the expert on this…

Notably, disability rates decreased in 2020, the first year COVID-19 plagued the world. It was not until 2021, with the introduction of the COVID-19 “vaccines,” that disability rates took a turn for the worse.

The data presented by The Ethical Skeptic warrants further investigation.

As marked increases in sudden cardiac deaths, cancers, disabilities, and non-COVID-related fatalities are racking up the death toll in younger populations, the cause of this concerning trend needs to be understood. However, the agencies that told us that COVID measures were about “saving lives” don’t seem interested in getting to the bottom of this emerging health crisis. Excess deaths should be front-page news until the problem is resolved. However, it is being ignored. In light of these circumstances,  we have to ask, why is no one in a position of authority interested in this pressing issue?

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