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Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You – Episode 12



#10 – Top experts accuse the government and Big Pharma of COVID-19 vaccine cover-up.

#9 – Robert Kennedy Jr. urges investigations into SSRIs and mass shootings.

#8 – Joe Rogan makes profound statement about high levels of fluoride in drinking water, says there is a “direct correlation” with low IQs.

#7 – CIA built “12 secret spy bases” in Ukraine and waged shadow war for 10 Years, bombshell NYT report confirms.

#6 – Dr. Phil issues a stunning criticism of the US government.

#5 – Hunter Biden finally admits Joe Biden is “The Big Guy.”

#4 – Tucker Carlson poses an unexpected COVID vaccine question.

#3 – Neil Oliver warns ‘a storm is coming’ for the guilty.

#2 – Troubling new evidence shows third pipe bomb camera deliberately turned away from crime scene on January 6.

#1 – COVID vaccine mandates declared ‘unlawful’ by landmark Supreme Court ruling.

Plus, an exclusive interview with funeral director and embalmer Richard Hirschman on the clot conundrum. (WATCH)

BONUS #1 – Beef Company CEO Stands Up To Big Pharma: “I’ll Shut Down the Company Before We Ship a Single Bag With mRNA-Injected Meat”

BONUS #2 – The Truth Is Being Hidden from You: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

BONUS #3 – Dr. McCullough: How to Get Ready for the Next Pandemic

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