September 9, 2023

This Is What Happens When You Don’t Jab Kids: Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Data

Odds ratios for a number of illnesses are through the roof for vaccinated children.

“The CDC has never looked at long-term health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children,” attested Professor Brian Hooker, Ph.D., during a presentation to the World Council of Health.

Brian Hooker is senior director of science and research at Children’s Health Defense and professor emeritus of biology at Simpson University in Redding, California, who has been doing advocacy and research around vaccine safety for 20 years.

In light of the CDC’s unwillingness to conduct long-term studies comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children, Dr. Hooker took it upon himself to aggregate and conduct such studies.

This is what he found.

Dr. Hooker presented a study from Anthony R. Mawson and colleagues. This study collected information from moms who homeschooled their children and focused on children between the ages of 6 and 12.

Link to Study

Comparing the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, Mawson and colleagues discovered something stark. The odds ratios for a number of illnesses were through the roof for the vaccinated cohort.

Children in the vaccinated population were found to be a staggering 30 times more likely to have allergic rhinitis compared to the unvaccinated children.

A similar story followed for other conditions. Vaccinated children in Mawson’s study were found to be 3.9 times more likely to have allergies, 4.2 times more likely to have ADHD, 4.2 times more likely to have autism, 2.9 times more likely to have eczema, 5.2 times more likely to have a learning disability, and 3.7 times more likely to have a neurodevelopmental disorder compared to the unvaccinated children.

Dr. Mawson’s research paper was initially published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health and gained considerable attention, accumulating over 80,000 views within the first three days. After widespread attention, the journal subsequently removed the paper, stating that it had never been fully accepted despite its earlier publication. The article underwent another round of peer review and was ultimately rejected by Frontiers. Undeterred by this turn of events, Dr. Mawson went on to republish his paper in the Journal of Translational Science in 2017.

Critics will say, “This is just one study.”

Well, Professor Brian Hooker and Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have accomplished quite the feat, compiling over 100 other studies like Mawson’s comparing health outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

And what they’ve found is quite remarkable. Unvaccinated children consistently have better health outcomes than vaccinated children. The book is called Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak. You can check it out here.

Dr. Hooker’s full presentation with the World Council for Health is available to watch via the video below.

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