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No Contact Advisory Issued in Michigan After Toxic Chemical Spill at Pfizer Plant

Pfizer “anticipates” that there are no health risks to local residents. Just like with the COVID vaccine, right?



This article originally appeared on The Gateway Pundit and was republished with permission.

Guest post by Anthony Scott

A no-contact advisory was issued for the Kalamazoo River after a chemical spill occurred at Pfizer’s manufacturing plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

According to city health officials, Pfizer released over 1,057 gallons of methylene chloride in its manufacturing facilities processing area, which was then discharged into the Kalamazoo River.

Methylene chloride is a colorless liquid that Pfizer and other pharmaceutical manufacturers use as a solvent in their pharmaceutical medicines.

After the chemical spill occurred, Kalamazoo County Health Officials warned residents not to come into contact with the Kalamazoo River.

Kalamazoo County Health Officer Jim Rutherford stated, “We decided to issue a no-contact advisory for the stretch of river impacted by the methylene chloride release as a precautionary measure.”

“This advisory will remain in effect until further investigation and sampling indicates that there is no risk to public health,” added Rutherford.

Per Fox 17 News:

The City of Kalamazoo has issued a no contact advisory for the Kalamazoo River, over concerns that Pfizer released too much of a chemical into a dedicated drain.

According to the City, Pfizer notified them an estimated 1,057 gallons of methylene chloride were released within the process area of the manufacturing facility located on Portage Road.

They don’t know the exact amount of the colorless liquid that was discharged but it was put into a dedicated drain that runs to the Kalamazoo Water Reclamation Plant for treatment. The plant is designed and permitted to treat up to 291 gallons per day of methylene chloride.

Because of this, the Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services Department, in cooperation with the City of Kalamazoo Department of Public Services, are advising everyone to avoid contact with the Kalamazoo River from Paterson Street Bridge in the city of Kalamazoo to the D Ave Avenue Bridge in Cooper Township.

Pfizer “anticipates” that there are no health risks to residents near the Kalamazoo River.

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