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The Desperate Dietary Situation of the World

How did we end up here, where people are encouraged to keep eating what is literally killing them?



By Brian Cates

Many People Are Finding Out That Chronic Illnesses and Diseases Can Be Cured By Changing Their Diet:

If the Rockefeller-captured medical industry cannot make money from expensive surgeries/treatments or by prescribing costly drugs, they will call any alternative treatment for chronic disease “quackery.”

They tell you the chronic disease/illness you are suffering from has this cause over here instead of that cause over there. That caused your chronic illness and not Y. So, you stop doing X and keep doing Y, as they instructed you to, and your chronic illness never gets healed or gets better. You spend years paying for drugs, surgeries, and treatments that only deal with or monitor symptoms, not the root cause.

The #1 fact that proves this is going on is that they’ve now spent decades telling everyone a false cause for the massive diabesity & cardiovascular disease epidemic.

Since they told everyone to cut down on eating X and to step up their eating of Y to ‘be healthy’ and to ‘prevent cardiovascular disease,’ a diabesity epidemic resulted.

Do you think the government and Big Food and Big Pharma and Big [Rockefeller] Med are EVER going to admit they did that?

Well, they’re not.

Ignorant doctor Avicenna stock photo. Image of ancient - 166465538
“Yeah, we’re never going to get around to admitting that, folks!”

They’ll never admit they gave hundreds of millions of Americans the wrong dietary ‘expert’ prescriptions.

They are telling the public whatever it takes to convince as many people as possible to do instead of Y.

That is, to keep stuffing themselves with ‘healthy whole grains’ made out of what I call The Big Three: Wheat, Corn, and various forms of Sugar, while also reducing their consumption of animal fats, red meat, eggs, bacon, and butter to an absolute minimum, if at all.

How monstrous is it that we’re currently in a worldwide situation where doctors are telling people to cut down on eating what will heal them while encouraging and urging them to step up their eating of what is harming them?

According to a new government-funded Food Pyramid rolled out at the White House just two years ago, the top row in this picture is ‘healthier’ for your kids than the actual food in the bottom row. Yes, this happened.

Understand: I did NOT want to conclude this upside-down advice was not an accident. I hoped the extent of the medical/health perfidy only extended as far as the COVID-19 pandemic lies.

A Concrete Example of Quack Upside-Down Medical Advice

Now, I want you to sit down and put your thinking cap on as you watch the clip linked in an earlier X post of mine below, where Dr. Nathan Barnard will make a claim that it is NOT a high carbohydrate or sugar diet that causes diabetes, insulin resistance or obesity.

He’s going to EXPLAIN to Kip, the vegan propagandist cleverly disguised as a documentary filmmaker, what the actual cause is of diabetes, insulin resistance, or obesity.

Please watch.

Dr. Barnard starts his comment when he’s asked what causes the **massive increase** in diabetes we’ve seen in America over the past 70 years or so by saying IT DRIVES HIM CRAZY that people claim it’s a high-carb diet or eating sugar.

He then reveals the “REAL CULPRIT.”

According to Dr. Barnard, what’s causing the massive increase of ‘diabesity,’ insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome to explode through the roof over the past 70 years is that Americans are eating TOO MUCH ANIMAL FAT.

I’m now going to post two graphs.

This first graph shows the DRAMATIC RISE in the % of the US population diagnosed by doctors as having Type 2 diabetes from the late 1950s through 2015. The % of Americans with this chronic disease went from 1.0% in 1958 up to an ASTOUNDING and REVOLUTIONARY 7% by 2015, a period of just 57 years.


In this second graph, here’s the rising rate of obesity, which has climbed very steeply from the 1980s to 2018. In 1960, about 13% of the population met the medical definition of obesity. By 2018, that percentage had climbed to a national scandal of 43%. If you’re keeping score, that’s a staggering increase in just 58 years of 30%.

And I’m sure it’s even higher now than six years ago.


Now, if Dr. Barnard’s claim that it’s Americans EATING MORE AND MORE ANIMAL FAT AND MEAT that is driving all of this exploding metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and diabesity, you would EXPECT to see the rate of American MEAT AND ANIMAL CONSUMPTION increasing over the past 60 years.


Well, here’s the rate of US meat consumption during the time this massive diabesity epidemic has been sweeping over the country. Notice anything?

The ‘low-fat’ dietary craze hit in the mid-1970s and gathered steam in the 1980’s. Then, the new Food Pyramid debuted in 1992, and Americans were told to lower their animal fat consumption. They listened and did as the ‘experts’ advised.

Aw gee.

It was such a BEAUTIFUL theory, wasn’t it?

That over the past 60 years, Americans have been chomping down on MORE MEAT AND ANIMAL FAT THAN EVER at truly ALARMING PROPORTIONS, which has been causing the explosive trends of diabetes and obesity.

And I just killed it.

I just killed Dr. Barnard’s beautiful theory.

Suppose it was confirmed that animal fat consumption caused diabetes and insulin resistance. In that case, our forebears who ate high-meat diets should’ve all been 300-pound porkers, and they should have been dropping dead from heart attacks and suffering from diabetes and insulin resistance centuries ago.

Instead, obesity, like we are seeing today, was almost unknown, and heart attacks were RARE.

Stopping for a moment and THINKING about what Dr. Barnard claims in this vegan propaganda film reveals how absurd it is. Our ancestors who ate a mostly meat diet should have been suffering from the same highly pronounced diabesity trends we see today.


But the propagandists behind the vegan film “What The Health?!” know putting a quack in a white coat who has “M.D.” after his name and watching him **confidently** and **authoritatively** state an absolute absurdity will still convince MANY people what he’s saying must be true.

“Trust me, I’m a doctor! Sugar isn’t the problem; it’s the meat you’ve been eating!”

And now, on a personal note:

Since July of last year, I’ve lost 60+ pounds of body fat while almost wholly eliminating almost all carbs from my diet and eating a moderate Carnivore Diet of mostly red meat, eggs, bacon, and cooking with butter and beef tallow.

The only carbs I’ve been ingesting regularly for half a year now were from raw milk and unpasteurized cheese, usually under 30 grams/day.

I can affirm I ate more ANIMAL FAT in the last eight months than I did in very likely the previous two decades.

That’s one unhealthy fellow on the right, to hear Dr. Barnard tell it…

If Dr. Barnard’s theory were true, I would be way more UNHEALTHY now than last July, when I wasn’t eating red meat daily, with about 4-5 eggs, bacon, butter, etc.

As I said in this video from the other day, we will never be going back to the days when people just accepted at face value what they were told by the government & the Rockefeller-captured medical industry’s ‘expert’ doctors and dieticians.

“We’re never going back, sorry!”